• Islam is Inherently Violent

    What we're really talking about here, is a Religion...Not people. There are entirely too many references to people in the poll answers. People have nothing to do with whether or not a Religion is inherently Violent unless you're talking specifically about the people who created the fundamental system of the Religion itself.

    "Religion": a particular system of faith and worship

    What we need to aim for here is "Doctrine". If the Doctrine of Islam (Textbook) contains instructions that lead believers to commit acts of Violence then yes, the Doctrine is inherently violent and therefor the system or "Religion" is violent. The Koran contains numerous specific instructions that are inherently violent.

    Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them".

  • Tribal dogmatic God

    The Bible states that the Jewish tribal God demanded that Abram become a tribal savage, Abraham as he was subsequently called invented Arithmetic but was devolved into a tribal savage and when entering the Promised Land the tribal God punished the Jewish tribal savages for not completing genocide -they killed all the women men and children but not all of the animals. A religion that demands racism and the extermination of other races [Jews and Arabs follow Abraham] should not be called inherently violent?

  • Of course Allah is violent.

    Allah is an inherently violent being, and so is the entire Islamic religion. It calls for jihad against people with opposing views. And the bible does this too, but Christianity went through a reformation and no longer STONES people to death for getting raped or being gay or atheist anymore.

    Posted by: Z3D
  • H h h

    Before you start questioning the violence of one religion, you should question the violence in other religions as well. Christianity doesn't seem to be such a pretty religion. For centuries Christians and Catholics have created much harm to many groups of people due to their beliefs and inability to accept other beliefs and the Bible seems pretty messed up in some parts. They have also been on the receiving end of punishment and hate by other groups. It's not just Christians and Muslims either, all groups have a history of hatred and violence and the ones that don't probably will. Rather than hating on each other about our beliefs, we should all work together to get rid of extremism in all groups of people.

  • Islamic Religion believes in one God not violence

    I do not believe that the Islamic religion is inherently violent. They, like Christianity, believe in one God. They put that God above all else. What we need to remember is that you can't base an opinion around a few individuals. In America we have our own share of people who are violent, should we categorize America and inherently violent? I also feel that our lack of understanding of the Islamic religion makes it easier to make generalizations.

  • Don't Believe the Haters

    Islamic terrorists do not represent the core of Islam any more than fundamentalist Christians represent the teachings of Jesus Christ. All prophets call for peace, and both the Bible and the Qaran contain passages that may call for violence. Regardless of where the ideas come from, individuals are held accountable according to their actions. A terrorist is a terrorist—the basis of their hatred is a distraction. If you blame Islam for Islamic terrorists, you risk alienating a massive population that should not be held accountable for the actions of a minority.

  • Is the Islamic religion inherently violent?

    Jihad means religious war and the recent attacks in Paris and elsewhere in the world have been carried out in the name of Jihad. However what needs to be understood is whether the religious texts and Islam itself favours Jihad. The other point to note is that religious texts of most religions were written centuries back when the history and geography of the world were different, therefore the context of the teachings also needs to be looked at and understood in terms of the changing times. Change is the law of nature and the world, humans as a race have evolved through change, one cannot go back to the past but has to move forward and moving forward would mean applicability of religious ideas and teachings for human evolution and not for human destruction.

  • Islamist religon is not inherently violent

    The Islamic religion is not inherently violent. There are many who deliberately misinterpret the Koran for their own purposes. Namely, it is to pursue their own political objectives and gain power over others. The Koran is a wonderful guide that espouses peaceful principles. There are many that follow Islam that follow the Koran and are peaceful and want to co-exist with others.

  • Like most religions its a mixed bag.

    Bible, Torah, Koran have the capacity for peace and love AND violence and destruction. The interpretation is by the reader. So while here I say they are not inherently violent I acknowledge the violence held within these fables. The Abrahamic faiths do like a good smiting, retribution and forgiveness go hand in hand, say otherwise and a bolt of lightening will be heading your way.

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