• People are people

    Although in recent times crimes committed by Muslims have been highly publicized, one cannot stereotype a whole religion as violent. Through all of history bad people, identifying themselves as Muslim, or Christian, or Hindu, or Jewish, have committed crimes and justified their heinous acts through religion. One must also take the current climate in the Middle East into account. Military action against civilians in countries like Afghanistan (drone attacks trying to kill terrorists, but frequently injuring or killing innocent people) breeds terrorists. From the perspective of an Iraqi or Afghan whose mother, father, brother, or sister was killed in a drone attack, we are the terrorists. After 9/11 Americans everywhere wanted and supported revenge, however, punishing whole countries for the crimes of a few has only caused more hatred, violence, and death. Calling Muslims violent, when the religion has 2.2 billion followers, is ignorant and offensive. The common saying of "if they're so peaceful why don't they stand up against extremists" is not well founded. I've been to peace rallies and vigils organized by Muslims. After the death of the diplomat in Libya countless Muslims went to the streets with signs condemning the deaths and imploring the public to judge them based on their own actions, not the actions of a few.

  • In the name of Allah.

    People, look and realize that the reason your country is under terror attack is because of your inhumane and terrible Government. Look if you guys wanna talk about 9/11, trust me what is 3000 to the 1,000,000 and counting innocent civilians that your Government is killing? Yes we seen as terrorist and yet the biggest terrorist is that black guy in the white house and the Bush Guy send thousands of soldiers to Afghanistan. FOR WHAT??? Yes the Muslims will retaliate because you guys come into our Land. We will leave your Land as soon as you leave ours. All this terrorism is just another controversy. Here's the logic. You come into our Land, we will try to chase you out of our land with brute force. You bomb us, we bomb you. Simple? Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth. Fair? I thought so too.

    Before you guys put our caliphate into an end, we were the most peaceful people on this very Earth. Why have things change? Its because you guys end our caliphate and you guys do not allow any muslim land to be economically advance and you guys will not allow our reign of caliphate anymore. The reign of our caliphate is the most important for the Muslims but you single handedly stopped that. Who's the aggressor and who's the victim? YOU TELL ME!

    I hope you guys learn something out of this. Peace be upon you all!

  • What does religion have to do with this?

    How are you to say that a religion is peaceful or not? It all depends on the people, not the religion. Religion isn't black and white and people can choose to interpret it however they want. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Atheists and all other people of whatever belief they hold, are capable as being just as destructive as Muslims. Just because people that are typically portrayed as "terrorists" are Muslim, it does not mean that Islam is not a peaceful religion. There are Christian terrorists too, and Jewish ones and all sorts of other terrorists. Religion is a tricky thing and it's not fair to say that a religion isn't "peaceful" because it can be interpreted however you want and some people choose to do that differently than others.

  • If it was, people wouldn't be bombing places all over.

    We all know that a group of Muslim terrorists were the 9/11 attackers, killing nearly 3,000 people. Muslims have sparked numerous attacks on innocent people; two to three times as many as Christians. What are the teaching their followers? The continued suicide bombings and mass killings of innocent people by Muslims is one factor proving that they are not a peaceful religion. Not only their attacks, but the way they treat people of the Islamic religion as well. Sewing womens' eyes shut. Stoning people to death. Forcing women to cover everything but their face up in public. I get that its part of their views, but I dont see why people say that this religion is peaceful. And of not all of them are like that, why aren't they standing up and going against the "extremists?"

  • Not the people's fault, but still...

    Every time a bombing is carried out by a Muslim Radical, the media and politicians race to be the first one to announce how peaceful and non-violent Islam is. While a great majority of Muslims are good, law-abiding people, the ideology if Islam is to blame. Islam makes good people do terrible things, indicating something inherently wrong with the ideology. Something cannot be called peaceful when it can cause such evil in otherwise normal people. What the problem is, I can't say, but you cannot call something peaceful that inspires such destruction.

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