Is the Islamic State controlled by the CIA and the US Goverment?

Asked by: mankikned
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  • Is this a joke? XD

    They obviously don't control it (although in my opinion the CIA was behind JFK's assassination). The US may have been cruel but not THAT cruel. Also, ISIL is in Syria and Iraq. ISIL also used to be aligned with al-Qaeda so if you say they control ISIL, you might be a 9/11 conspiracy theorist :P

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Vere_Mendacium says2014-12-09T05:52:13.627
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-09T17:06:18.180
It doesn't seem likely, even though, as I understand it,
Osama bin Laden & many other "Islamic terrorists" , etc. ,
were CIA agents, assets, etc.

Islam, by definition, means submission to the will of God.
There is no such religion as submission to the will of God.
Since people have been refusing to submit all along,
Islam has to be False.