• The Israeli lobby is too powerful

    The Israeli lobby has far too much influence and power, and needs to be checked. We can't have our foreign policy pushed to favor this or that country, especially as they are in ever hotter conflicts that are often of their own making. It's time to stop with this support.

  • Yes it is

    It is a forign entity which is taking over the us congress. Singlehandedly using the US to defend israel for it??? That is just illigal and immoral. Israel and its lobby should not hold the us hostage in this. It prevents Palestine from being a country and makes the us aggressive toward anything anti israel. Iran on the other hand is hurt by AIPAC and has done nothing wrong

  • No, that's a complete double standard

    Supporters of Israel or of any other country have the right to lobby and support their country's interests. Just because the Israeli lobby is powerful, doesn't mean it's doing something wrong by doing its job. It's not Israel's fault that most of its supporters are Jewish and most Jews are lawyers.

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