• Doesnt supporting god mean living humble?

    I don't know much about you wild Christians and your crazy ways, but I do know a humble life free of Satan's materialistic temptations is the best way to honor god?

    But then again the whole of religion is hypocracy. Personally I don't think anyone needs a house that big. Sort of a vulgar display of opulence if you ask me

  • He is a symbol of hypocrisy

    Yes, I believe that the Jerry Falwell mansion and the man himself is a symbol of pure hypocrisy. All the money that he receives from his followers went toward, not worshiping the lord, but ensuring that his mansion was built and maintained. I am sure that his cars and other properties are also symbols of his fakeness.

  • Jesus was truly humble. Jerry Falwell lives in sin.

    There is no true argument as to why clergy live better than anyone in their congregation. The true teachings of Christianity are socialist in nature. This being the use of excess from one man gets re purposed for another that is without. Jerry Falwell had no need for that estate. It could have been re purposed through sale or construction to serve the needy. Instead, his greed won over his christianity.

  • The mansion is simply a building

    The Jerry Falwell mansion is not a symbol of hypocrisy. This is because a building cannot convey actual emotions, sins, or feelings. It wouls be wrong for anyone to try to label it as a symbol of such when it is an attractive building. I think people's sensitivities over Fallwell's scandals have taken their critiques too far.

  • No It's a sign of what God gave him

    I believe that Jerry Falwell's mansion shows that he believed in God and he got what he wanted. The only way Falwell's mansion would be hypocrisy is if he acted like he was the one that gave himself his mansion. I think people believe that Christians have to live exactly like the Bible or we aren't Christian which is not true.

  • If he earned his money

    Then no. He perhaps is arrogant in other ways, but I doubt he's a hypocrite. If you earned your money, then what is wrong with living nicely off of the money you made yourself. What we should be concerned are about people taxing us to death, that should make us worried.

  • Just a mansion

    No, I do not think that this man's mansion is a symbol of hypocrisy at all. He simply had a whole lot of money and so he decided to build himself a mansion to show off his wealth and show off the money that he has gained through hard work.

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