Is the job of a lawyer to promote injustice?

Asked by: BigKaz298
  • Why would a professional seek to destroy their profession?

    The claimed job of a lawyer is to "bring justice to all. " This is where the lie begins.

    Lawyers prey on the injustice of a country's judicial system, Taking a person into their hands when that person is at their lowest, And then "bringing them justice. " It is because of the existence of injustice that lawyers exist. If the law was just, Black-and-white, Upheld to the letter, There would be no reason for lawyers. Law-breakers are punished, The innocent are not. Every time. Without fail.

    So why then would lawyers want their million-dollar annual salaries destroyed? No doctor wants to eliminate all sickness from the world because when nobody is sick, They're out of a job. That is why lawyers promote injustice: they tell their clients how scary the world of law is, How they'd never survive without Lawyer Hercules to come and save the day. It's a massive facade, A stage performance of the grandest measure. They don't want justice. They want injustice. Because where there's injustice, They see the money.

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