• Sometimes it is not necessary

    Yes, I do believe that police killing dogs is becoming an issue. Sometimes it is unnecessary for a police to kill a person's dog. A dog, in some cases, is a part of a person's family. Dogs bark for different reasons such as seeing a stranger, i.e. a police officer. The dog is not necessarily a threat, he may just be barking. Not to mention if a person feels threatened by police dogs and they shoot them they are punished severely.

  • Protector of what?

    The police can kill with impunity and they protect each other. It's more of an issue with the news if they fire on an unarmed person, but the police have always been able to back each other up when raiding homes and murdering equally defenseless pets under the guise of having been attacked.

  • No it isn't.

    I don't believe the killing of dogs by police is becoming an issue, yet... I have heard of several reports of this happening but they have been isolated incidences. Of course, we have to remain on the lookout for any police abuse because many of them will become out of control if given the chance.

  • It Happens From Time To Time

    I do not believe the killing of dogs by police is becoming an issue. It does happen from time to time and some stories get more press than others, but I don't feel as though it is something that is escalating. I believe in some of these cases the owner of the dog failed to properly retrain it, therefore it's justified, in my opinion.

  • You don't hear much about it.

    No, the killing of dogs by police is not an issue, because you don't hear much about it. There are a few incidents of killing of dogs by police, but most of them are warranted, where the dog has threatened someone or where the dog is sick and likely to cause harm. Most of the time, police do not spend their days killing people's family pets.

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