There are two primary reasons to work in Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood — for the money and the fame. For example, when I needed cash in order to afford a $400 shirt to wear to my first meeting at Kim’s Beverly Hills mansion, I had to pick up multiple half-day shifts at So Chic in Downtown LA. And it’s not like Kim just rolled out the red carpet — she got me a job at Kardash in Miami, where she or one of the shopgirls made me fold shirts and dress mannequins multiple times over.

  • The Kim Kardashian Game is a Good One

    The Kim Kardashian game is a good one. It is funny and you can work your way onto the A-list through gaining fame and popularity. It has gossip aspects and lets you live your life as a celebrity. Many people enjoy the game and even if you dislike Kardashian, you should try the game because it's actually fun!

  • No It is not!!!

    First off why does she even have an app!?!? Its a waste of money, time, and a big waste of space on your devices!!! When you download it all your doing is making her richer!!! And why would you want to support someone who does nothing for society!!?!? It would be different if she ended world hunger!! All in all its a waste of time!!!

  • No, the game isn't what it's cracked up to be.

    I do not think that the Kim Kardashian game is all its cracked up to be. I think that most of the hype of the game is the fact that it is branded with the Kardashian name. A lot of her fans and followers will play the game regardless of how bad it is. That is why it is a popular game.

  • No, the Kim Kardashian game is overrated.

    The Kim Kardashian game is one that fictitiously simulates the life of Kim Kardashian for the gamer's entertainment. Furthermore, Kardashian is cashing in on millions of dollars from royalties of this game bearing her name. While the game is likely innocent and all in good fun, why an adult would want to spend hours absorbed in such an activity is beyond the realm of my understanding.

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