• Kindle Fire is Better than the Nook Tablet

    Yes, the Kindle Fire is better than the Nook Tablet for many reasons. First, the Kindle Fire feels sturdier in the hand. My experience with the Nook Tablet was that the device seemed flimsy. Second, the screen quality on the Fire seemed better to me. Third, the Amazon store seems much easier to use than the Nook store.

  • The kindle is better

    For someone who has owned both devices, I would have to say that the kindle is better. The kindle fire has more capacity and better fetures. The nook may be lighter and all but it will break easy. And the kindle has a wider screen. The kindle can hold a lot of stuff and can stream videos.

  • The kindle fire has a lot of great features.

    The Kindle Fire is a very adaptable and versatile tablet that has many features akin to and surpassing the Nook. For example, for the lower price, the Kindle Fire contains better speed and high quality resolution. The Kindle Fire is also capable of streaming video and livestream flash support. It also contains more apps that are backed as well as a sleeker design.

  • Yes, the Kindle Fire is better than the Nook Tablet

    It's not just the device, but also the service that backs each product. Amazon has done an amazing job of providing service and support to the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire also has so many features that the Nook Tablet does not. The Kindle Fire presents a nice step between a reader and an iPad.

  • It's not just about the device, but the service that drives it.

    I think that the Kindle Fire is a superior experience because of what Amazon has done on the back end of the service that it provides. Not only does an Amazon Prime account allow you free two day shipping on physical items, but it also gives you access to their Prime Instant videos, which can be watched on the Fire. Also with a Prime account you would be able to take part in the Kindle Lending Library, and rent books for free. And I think for those reasons the Kindle Fire is a superior overall purchase over the Nook Tablet

  • Yes, it is.

    I think that it is a pretty easy choice as to which is the better product, and that is the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has a larger screen, is much better in terms of display, and has the backing of a much better company than the Nook does, I say.

  • The Kindle Fire is better than the Nook Tablet.

    As someone who previously worked as bookseller (though not for Barnes and Noble or Amazon), I must say that the Kindle Fire is far superior if only for the peripheral products provided. Kindle has a large lending library as well as the introduction to Amazon Prime which has instant videos and two-day shipping on Amazon products. My favorite feature of the Kindle Fire is that it allows you to store your files on the Amazon cloud so that it doesn't take up space on the actual device but can be easily downloaded while connected to WIFI.

  • My Nook is better than the Kindle Fire

    1. I have access to books from BOTH companies as I can have a kindle app on my Nook.
    2. I have full access to the Google Play store.
    3. I can use a Micro SD card for plenty of extra storage which comes in handy with my comic collection.
    4. You CAN get flash support, just install Dolphin browser.
    The only thing better about a Kindle Fire is you can use Amazon Instant Video. But you can't use that on any other Android device anyway, so it's like saying the Kindle Phone is better than the Galaxy S5 because of it.

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John-Smith says2013-04-02T23:47:09.007
IPad is the best, you can get a Kindle app and a Nook app if you want.