• Yes they are

    America is all about freedom of religion well what do you think the KKK is? They are a christian group, in fact they are TRUE christians, following the bible to the letter, hating on blacks? Hating on interracial? All in the bible! So either KKK is good and so is christianity or KKK is bad and so is christianity, only difference between the KKK and the church is that the church only tells people the ''biblic rules'' that are convenient for them

  • Aww heck nawww!

    They are racist. The end. Space filler text: dub f d f ef f f rf r g gr ved efg d ef vfd vr bg rg rf b f f fv fv fgff bf trb h mhn fb gn m j bhg gf s swa fdefr ftgjskjdfooaqqzlkdxkhu rtngifnvefn. Done.

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