• Yes it is.

    I believe the KKK is a key supporter of Donald Trump. This was actually evidenced during the Presidential Election time. Their participation was actually real and after the elections it is still the same. They are actually his supporters and also help with the protest activities to help curb this.

  • Yes, the KKK is a key supporter of Trump.

    Yes, the KKK is a key supporter of Trump and they are celebrating his win. Trump only cares about white people, especially white men. The KKK has latched onto him like a leach. They are a dying bread, but now have a voice in the highest office in the world.

  • Yes, the KKK is a Key Supporter of Donald Trump

    The official KKK website endorsed and supported Donald Trump for president and supports his proposed policies according to their recent posts. The KKK has historically supported far-right Republican nominees for President of The United States of America. The KKK website openly denounces the LGBT community and publicly urges Donald Trumps to reverse any "pro-transgender" or "pro-homosexual" executive orders.

  • Yes they support him no they are not key

    The percentage of people that are in the KKK are negligible when it comes to the election and them supporting him actually hurts him because nobody wants to be associated with them. So in conclusion they did support him but their support did not benefit his campaign in any significant way.

  • People don't like it.

    Trump won in spite of the fact that the KKK supports it, not because of it. Most people do not like the fact that the KKK publicly supports Trump. It's not an organization that a politician really wants supporting them. Anymore, the KKK is a fringe organization and groups on both sides wish it would stop preaching hate.

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