• The Kremlin is good for Russia.

    The Kremlin is good for Russia. The Kremlin is a fortified complex in which the president of Russia resides. It is similar in function to the White House in America. The Kremling is good for Russia because it has historical value and is a symbol of National pride for Russian people.

  • Yes, I think the Kremlin is good for Russia.

    I think the Kremlin is a world iconic symbol and is known worldwide, I think the Kremlin itself attracts lots of money in tourist dollars and overall I think the Kremlin is a symbol of the Russian Government and Russian Power and I think overall it is good for Russia to have.

  • Never has been

    No, the Kremlin is not good for Russia, and it never has been, it seems. Russian citizens are the last thing the Kremlin is thinking of. All it thinks of is power games and money games. Russian pensioners who had work hard all their life struggle to survive on a miserable government-issued pension. The Kremlin does not care. There are plenty of other issues like that.

  • No, the Kremlin is bad for Russia.

    I do not think that the Kremlin is good for Russia. I think that they are a great danger for the country of Russia. I think that the Kremlin's actions are something that might bring war to the region and cause a lot of Russians to die. I think the people of Russia should revolt against the Kremlin.

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