• Yes, the Kremlin is too powerful.

    I definitely think that the Kremlin is too powerful. I think that the Kremlin should be more responsible for their international behavior. I think that the international community needs to start placing sanctions on the country of Russia or risk having more conflicts. I think that Russia shouldn't be able to just act the way they do.

  • Kremlin is Powerful and Isolated

    The Kremlin used to be very powerful when it was the body that ran the second most powerful country in the world. No longer. Now we watch Putin flex the ever-weakening muscles of his country. And once we solve the free energy problem for the West then the Kremlin will be even weaker.

  • You don't actually know what "the Kremlin" is, do you?

    Does the person asking this question actually know what "the Kremlin" is? It's just the name for the government center of Russia. It sounds like you're trying to make it out to be some sort of sinister Death Star thing. The problem isn't "the Kremlin" it's that Putin is the head of Russia, and doing things like invading Crimea.

  • I Don't Get It

    The Kremlin is essentially the city center, the one in Moscow can generally be called the Kremlin on its own. I do not believe the Kremlin is too powerful. It is the seat of power and yes, Russia's government does have control of its people, but they shouldn't be seen as much different than the United States.

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