• Its unfair low wages!

    No healthcare, and terrible annual wages of 1 cent! Squid ward could get hurt and die because he has no heath. Mr crabs is greedy and holds all the money, holding a fast food monopoly. Plankton cant survive with no wages! Mr. Crabs is unfair!
    Mr. Superfund crabs the thirty second.

  • I Don't Know Why We Are Debating This, But. . .

    If you look at the top performers in any industry, They have a way to keep a leg up on the competition. Sometimes, It's fair and sometimes, It's unfair. Singers, For example, Have Autotune. And pro athletes have steroids (Never said it couldn't be illegal. ). I'm sure that there are many more examples of this. Anyway, Mr. Krabs makes more money than Plankton because he is providing (at least in the perception of the patrons) better service. Of course, If the Krusty Krab was a corporation, It would be owned by shareholders, Which would mean that Mr. Krabs would have to make sure that he remains a majority shareholder in order to have a say in the day to day operations of the company. By law, A corporation is allowed to lie to the general public about how well it's doing. Doing the same thing to your investors is a different story, However. I'll admit that I don't know much about corporate law, So if anyone is willing to correct me, Go for it. I'm willing to learn.

  • If the Crusty Crab was unfair, Anthropomorphic beings would not eat or work there.

    In the episode The Original Fry Cook, The original fry cook Jim used his free will and left the Crusty Crab to open the finest restaurant in the world, And have a solid gold mansion, Lake, And limousine. Jim was not forced to work there, And had the ability to quit when he was turned down for a raise, Which he did.

    SpongeBob, If he were unhappy with his situation, Could quit and find another job. In fact he has been offered jobs at the Chum Bucket and chose to stay at the Crusty Crab. He could even find employment outside of fast food if he chose. His staying there says more about himself, Than it does about the establishment.

    Customers are also free to spend their money at any establishment they chose. As they are not being forced to eat at the Crusty Crab, The choice is on them, Not on Mr. Krabs.

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