• Kylie Jenner's Lip Challenge Poses Serious Threat to Young Girls

    The Kylie Jenner lip-plumping challenge is incredibly dangerous to women's faces and could leave permanent disfigurement if repeated. The lip-plumping challenge requires young women to place a shot glass over their lips and suck all of the air out. The shot glass has the potential of breaking and cutting women's faces. The process itself leads to swollen lips, bleeding,cracked skin, pain and bruising.

  • Lip-plumping challenge a bad and potentially dangerous idea

    Though not necessarily life-threatening, I believe the Kylie Jenner lip-plumping challenge is dangerous due to its potential negative health effects. Not only can the challenge damage a person's lips and surrounding area, it can also create undesirable results that last for quite awhile. There have been bruises and other reports of damage from those who have participated.

  • Don't get Kylie's lips!

    The Kylie Jenner lip challenge is dangerous and bad for the image of young girls growing up. This is not just a fad of buying tight jeans or short-shorts. This is dangerous because plumping up the lips can cause serious problems. Whether it is by surgey or other means, this challenge can hurt young girls.

  • No, this is not dangerous.

    Is it stupid? And unnecessary? Yes, of course. But it is ultimately pretty harmless. Kids do this for fun, on a dare, or because they want full lips like Kylie's, and what they get are swollen, bruised fish lips, and a feeling of stupidity. All it will do is teach them a lesson.

  • No, Kylie Jenner's lip-plumping challenege is not dangerous.

    The Kylie Jenner lip-plumping challenge is not dangerous. The worst harm that can come from it is having bruised lips. Any responsible person would have the sense to stop before it got to that point. The act itself is not dangerous. While taking it too far could lead some minor injuries the actual challenge is not dangerous.

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