• Like any disease, steps must be taken to contain it.

    Food recalls, when they occur, must be taken seriously. It is not known what might be inside the food, a disease, in this case, Listeria, or E. Coli; whatever it may be. In this case, it is the reponsibility or Bar S foods to take a step back and look at their procedures to keep their consumers safe.

  • Especially if you eat that brand

    Most of the time, the recalls seem to happen fairly quickly. And most affected consumers are ok, but in the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems, Listeria can be pretty severe. At least the recall can draw attention to the risks and to how we should safely prepare foods that could have contamination issues.

  • Yes, Listeria is serious business and always a cause for concern.

    Yes, the latest Listeria recall is cause for concern, especially with respect to children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system. Bacterial outbreaks are serious health concerns. Anyone who has purchased these recalled products should get rid of them. Don't play with your health, it's not worth it!

  • We should exercise more caution about what we eat

    Listeria put a recall on their hotdogs recently, which is a serious cause for concern. It indicates that many people could have been eating unsafe hotdogs without their knowledge. When Listeria announced the recall, it served as another reminder that people should be more careful when it comes to what they eat and should probably choose less-processed food instead.

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