Is the law of attraction a real thing (yes) or was it made up by romantics (no)?

  • The law of attraction is a very real thing.

    It is said that opposites attract, and I believe this to be the case. It can be seen in nature with regards to magnetic fields where a positivively charged field will attract a negatively charged one. This is also a basic fact about human nature, where a certain personality is better suited to one of an opposite nature.

  • Yes, the law of attraction is a very real thing.

    Yes, the law of attraction seems to be a very real thing. I have met people who were drawn to each other at first sight and ended up married and blissfully happy. I don't know if it has to do with facial features, pheromones or a resemblance to one's parent, but whatever the reasons, I have seen it in action several times.

  • Natural attraction can not be dismissed.

    For a primary argument involving laws of attraction, I will use a simple but definitive argument. Pheromones are the naturally occurring undertones related to scent and hormones that have been proven to drive sexual attraction. The research on the subject is vast and well documented. Pheromones may not be a definitive factor in attraction, but they certainly play a role. Combine this with other naturally occurring phenomena and the Laws of attraction are real.

  • The law of attraction is a real thing.

    The law of attraction is a real thing. Romantics have this one right because you are not attracted to everyone. We know that we are attracted to certain things and people. This happens in every part of life from relationships to shopping. I believe that the law of attraction is real.

  • It is false

    I think that sometimes the law of attraction works. I think that it works sometimes by coincidence though. I think that the law of attraction is basically false. I do not think that if I think positively that good things will happen. Sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing I can do to stop them.

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