Is the law of attraction or the secret just ridiculously stupid or what?

Asked by: steffon66
  • I've seen the movie and read the book. It doesn't logically fit.

    I used to believe in it, but there was a point when I realized it didn't make sense. I am a very negative person, I think negatively, say negative things, i'm a glass half-empty person overall. However, by the logic of the secret I should be worse off than I already am. I should be on the streets as a hobo, starving and hated by people (yes, I can be that negative.)
    Also there are situations where people panic when something happens and assume it will get worse, but it doesn't always happen.

  • Most black people in america used to be slaves. Today none are.

    Doesnt that mean anything? It does. It means that crap happens whether you think about it or not. You cant just say well all black people worried about becoming slaves which is why they became slaves. The white man set out to capture some black people in america and they were coming whether they thought about or not. Babies get raped before they even know what sex is or can think to invite anything into their lives. We die no matter what we think and there is no way to think your way out of death. The law of attraction states that everything that happens to us happens because we invite it into our lives by thinking worrying about it or wishing for it. I wish for a lot of things all the time and i dont get them. Also ive had things that have happened to me that i didnt even see coming. Wasnt worried about them at all and they happened to me. Your happiness is clearly dependent on circumstances that are beyond your control. Grow up people. Also if this were true then it would make god evil. Hes going to torture you just because you were worried about being tortured. That sucks for the paranoid schizos. This is just horrible speculation by someone who was probably off their rocker. Its just a way of making you think your in control over things you have no control over. Its made for comfort but stupid ideas like this and religion only offer comfort for the people who are on top. Everyone else has to suffer from the bad effects of these beliefs.

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