• I will not let an exam result decide my faith.

    Our Leaving Cert is a two year course, judged by a 2/3 hour exam. We're told this LC is crucial for us to get a good degree, for us to get a good job, for us to succeed in life. Lets just say a student wanted to study english in college, and they needed an uncompromising amount of for example 420 out of the possible 600 points. But unfortunately this student didn't reach these exceptionally high points because she didn't do as well in French, Spanish,Maths or Irish etc. What relevance does her grade on either of those subjects have on her ability of english? None what so ever! But because of this completely unfair way of judgement it would classify her as not capable.
    What if a student had brilliant , consistent high grades throughout the whole 2 year course , but coming to exam dates suffered an unpredictable drama. Such as loss of a loved one, an illness, an accident, operation, depression etc. And because of this they fell down examination day, didn't do as well as they should have. Why should they be judged by that one exam?
    Squeezing a 2 year course into a 2/3 hour exam is so unfair i cannot stress my distaste and anger for it enough! Not all teenagers are high academic achievers, but put them on a football pitch and there eyes light up, just as beauty could come natural to there finger tips, or they had an amazing singing voice. We are all individuals. We're not programmed robots who think , act , or are capable of the same things. Judging us by that one same exam would be like judging an elephants ability to climb a tree, or a fishes ability to stay on land, or a cats confidence in water, They'd be class as stupid for doing bad in those challenges.
    If enough people spoke out this could actually change!! The stress, and suppression students are under is simply not healthy, or fair. In my opinion because the economy of my country (Ireland) is at such a weak point they cannot actually afford for us to all do well , therefore we suffer the harsh consequences.
    Can anyone relate?

  • No, it certifies completion.

    No, the Leaving Certificate is not unfairly marked, because it is a document saying that the student has fulfilled all of the requirements for graduation. It is no different than having one's GPA on their diploma. It is a good way to measure what the student has done in school. Leaving Certificates are a fair way to signal that a student graduated.

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