Is the left becoming more and more intolerant?

Asked by: Verita
  • You do not eliminate hate and intolerance by being hateful and intolerant.

    I read some of the excuses for the intolerance and hate from certain factions of the left (No votes). The reasoning given is they are only intolerant and hateful of people who are the same. This is an irrational excuse. For one it says that one particular group’s set of standards are correct. If I judge you to be hateful then I can be hateful back. The opposing side can make exactly the same claim. We also know that just the act of disagreeing with the point of view of some leftists puts you, in their point of view, as siding with evil.

    Ghandi and Martin Luther King would never agree with the idea that you combat hate with more hate. They never hated their enemies. In fact they gave their adversaries the credit of having the same humanity that they had. They hoped through non-violent protest to raise the consciousness of their adversaries to a higher level not provoke them into more hate.

  • Demanding more & more

    I am prime left material "educated, female, asian.... Environmentalist, pro-choice." But more & more I see the Left as being irrational. Demanding free everything (should be for the truly disabled- blind, paraplegic) & free college (hello higher taxes), unsupportable minimum wage (hello unemployment & inflation).... Denouncing anyone with a different point of view. Claiming to not be racist but making fun of a certain "orange" skin color. If you have a different thought, they label you as evil. But welfare states & socialism doesn't work- who wants more red tape & government control?

  • Double Standard as well

    America has become a nation that most, if not all, Democratic presidents in the past would neglect. The left got everything under Obama while focusing on how racist the republicans are. The result of this garbage is the anti trump protestors that seem like a bad mix of union and BLM.

    To truly see the differences, look and compare the following: The tea party rallies and BLM. The tea party, disagree or not, were peaceful and not directly attacking anyone. Can BLM say the same? Ask Ferguson, Charlotte, Oakland, Baltimore, etc, etc. While republicans cannot even question Obama on any issue, we are then blamed by the liberal media and sheeple of inciting the violence used by BLM and others. This country will never be united and unless we change this soon, neither side will win or have any chance.

  • Splitting in half

    Just like the right wing in America has been doing, the left has been splitting into two factions. However, unlike the division in the right wing, one of the defining differences in the division in the left wing is tolerance. One of these sides, the one of the SJWs and the Feminists has grown steadily less and less tolerant, but in a strange way. They are looking further and further to be tolerant of lesser known groups, from homosexuals, then to trans people, then to non-binary gendered people and on and on, however, they refuse to tolerate white people and males, let alone white males, especially if the white male is a cisgender, Christian and hetero.

  • Yes, they are.

    Riots in the streets, spreading hate, their once rational ideals becoming more and more irrational by the minute, and can resort to violence to get their point across. As a conservative, I do not often agree with the left - but now that they have recently resorted to violence and hate speech, I can no longer respect certain Leftists ideals. They are becoming more intolerant by the day, discriminating against people of certian political beliefs and religions. They should learn to see the right way.

  • And everyone knows it.

    There has long been an "extreme left" that was intolerant, but they used to be a fringe. I see this election as a turning point, though. As a moderate, I have been excluded by members of the Left multiple times, not for taking hard-right views, but simply for proposing that the Right might include people with good values, or for trying to critically analyze certain Left lines of reasoning.

    The claim of Left-bigots is that they aren't excluding people over political views, they're excluding people over being horrible people. And perhaps I'm biased here, but as someone who has been very harshly insulted and excluded by the left for implying that they might not be fully grounded on facts in some position or another, I agree strongly with the sense that they are becoming more intolerant.

  • They are intolerant to intolerant people.

    The Left is a hate group for hateful people. And quite frankly I love it. They are against and ask as guard-hounds against all the evils of society. They are needed. If you are a racist, sexist or classicist. You are scum at least in part. Now are they more intolerant than racist, sexist or classicists. No! Because unlike race or sex. Your political views can actually change. Unlike someone who hates black people or an Asian or white supremacist groups you can't be apart of unless you share their skin colour. That's just my two cents.

  • More intolerant? Demonstrations of intolerance have yet to evolve beyond riots.

    The Left, I suppose, has always had this general notion that "kindness begets kindness", and after the recent election, everything seemed to have fallen apart for them when Hillary lost and Donald Trump, the world's evil, won. So, having their beliefs shattered, it would make sense that they are becoming more intolerant, especially after things did not go their way- the demonstrations outside Trump Tower, for instance-, primarily towards people who voted for the Republican candidate, whom they perceive as the ones responsible for putting a racist, by inference, in the White House, as opposed to their knight in deleted emails, Hillary Clinton.

    Yet, I have to disagree. The Left has always been intolerant, to the maximum, of things that disagree with them, and the hate they are doling out is the same hate they have for racists, sexists and bigots; that is to say, there is nothing new with what they had done in the past, and it only seems as though it has worsen is because now they have people who have explicitly allied themselves with an inferred racist, sexist and bigot, such as to communicate that they have the same values, to hate (the majority, as the election indicates; making the Left the minority- their favorite position). Sure, it isn't fair to assume all White men who voted for Trump are the same as he is, but this kind of expansive hate isn't new; if a White man were seen to apprehend a Black person for stealing, the majority people of the Left reactions would, likely, be to attribute the arrest to racial profiling; they are just mostly peeps who prefer to exhibit heuristic responses, because it's easier, so really, it's more like they have gotten lazier and more assuming.

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Arget says2016-12-26T23:05:41.993
I find it hard to vote either way in this. The extreme ends of both sides have been getting more intolerant and vocal, but this has been an ongoing trend for some time and I don't believe that these extremists represent the majority of either side (though they may be gaining more political power than the more sane majority).

On the other hand this presidential campaign has been an absolute repudiation of everything the left has stood for; and it is hard to not associate those who voted in contrary to their morals in picking what they believed to be the lesser of two great evils, from those who would gleefully destroy and overturn everything you believe in. However even before getting to that point it was the unqualified, extortionist, bullying, racist, sexist, elitist Trump who secured the republican nomination over every other candidate.

Yes Trump's win is a repudiation of the left.
He didn't campaign that we had become to strict in political correctness (aka civil discourse and common courtesy), but that it should be thrown out entirely. So someone should be allowed to say the most vile things imaginable under free speech, and face no social consequences.

He didn't campaign on fixing regulation (which were originally intended to keep people safe and healthy, protect peoples rights, or maintain a fair and competitive economy) and increasing government efficiency. Instead he wants to throw out all those regulations and close large sections of the government.

He didn't campaign that we went to far in stopping discrimination (based off race, sex, religion, orientation, age, or any other factor), but instead said that discrimination is good and right (religious bans, mexicans are rapists, blacks thugs, and women are meant to be eye candy).

He separates people into winners (the rich, powerful, and prestigious) and losers (everyone else and Trump critics) while treating the losers as if they have no rights as a human being.

So in the face of this I can see that the left could become more intolerant because of trump. I however believe that the American people were fed a story of false equivalency, that trump would not be as corrupt or even more so than his opponent and that shaking up the system might be worth overlooking his detriments.

Trump has been playing the system and corruption since his first business deal when he got a political friend of his father to qualify his luxury housing under the tax breaks meant to subsidize low income housing. He has repeatedly not payed his contractors and workers. Those times he does pay it is often at a fraction of the amount with the other side threatened with no payment or less than offered after an expensive legal battle. He has repeatedly engaged in harassment against those who stand in the way of his plans be it tenants of a building he bought or a person whose home is where he wants to build a golf course.

Because of this I consider Trump to be as corrupt if not more so than Hillary Clinton. However with his refusal to sever his business ties, ignorance of ethics, bringing family business and members into important meetings, and filling his cabinet with big money interests I fear that the Trump administration will be filled with unconstrained corruption and greed. At least Clinton, if she was as corrupt as the non conspiracy theorists claimed, would restrain herself to maintain an illusion of morals and decency; however Trump will never see a need for such a pretense. The only shake up of the system is going to be to the benefit of the elite as none care one whit for the vast majority of people trump labels losers.

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