Is the left versus right thing a false dichotomy?

Asked by: SitaraMusica
  • Support the constitution

    We have a unique system of government and it should be constitutionalist, and libertarian against all others. Now days democrats represent progressive, socialist type government. And republican represent progressive big government big business style government. It should be local as much as possible, and libertarian as much as possible, as per the constitution! Most things the federal gov. Does, cannot be shown to be constitutional by any stretch.

  • Yes it is.

    I believe that the left versus right thing in politics is a false dichotomy. A false dichotomy is when you present only two options and add that there is no other options, when there really is. Left versus right are not the only the only options in politics. There is anarchist, minarchist, centrist, statist, liberal, and conservative. Let me know if I need to explain any of these.

  • Not in a bicameral society:

    Red v Blue is only a false dichotomy in the de jure sense however de facto that is how at least America is run with a spectrum of red to blue versus there being a multi-socketed means of ascertaining the political values of the nation. What's happening is that the alternatives are just immaterial.

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