Is the Legend of Zelda one of the best video games of all time?

  • Legend Of Zelda

    It's Legend of Zelda. It brought about one of the best game franchises ever. It took real skill to beat, although the newer games may have lacked as much skill, due to Nintendo's need to get everyone to play every game they make. It was amazing, definitely one of the best games for the NES.

  • Yes, it is the best game series!

    Simply it is amazing! The game has the same formula but manages to perform it in an amazing game!! The games are fun, the plot is great and it has memorable characters. Everytime you hear Legend Of Zelda it brings nostalgia. All those moments, those adventures that one will never forget. It forged me and made me the great person

  • In general, as a series yes

    Ocarina of Time is probably the best overall, the music the graphics, everything about it was well done. There is always a lot to do aside from the main quest in Zelda games as well making it so you can play it for many hours. There are some stand alone games out there that can match the Zelda series but as a whole it is the greatest.

  • Yes, definitely.

    It's among the first games I've played and I love open world adventure games. None since have felt quite as amazing as the zelda series. Ocarina of Time is definitely my favorite! There were so many items to collect and use in so many different situations, it's the one game I've been ok playing without mods.

  • Save the princess and the world

    As far as game series go, LoR is easily fine of the best hands down. From a Link in Time to Twilight Princess every Zelda game I've played has been masterfully executed. Gameplay, storyline, secrets... the formula (dungeon, sub-boss, new item, boss) is so good it doesn't matter that it's hardly been changed across the whole series...

  • OOT nailed it

    As much as this game is a legend, Ocarina of Time surpasses it one trillion fold. It would be ridiculous to even assume that the original has anywhere near as much effect on the player: It simply falls short of the immersive masterpiece that was Ocarina of Time. A video game that has left in me great memories I will never lose.

  • It's our opinions that we care about

    I have never played Zelda, so I hardly know anything about it. In my opinion, I would vote Minecraft as the best game of all time, only because I've played it enough to call it my favorite. Zelda being called the best videogame of all time is not a fact it's an opinion, and there's nothing wrong with your opinion about anything.

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