• They are proved to be ineffective.

    Kids who are graded don't learn for the sake of learning, And think less deeply then kids who don't. They also avoid challenging tasks for the sake of getting A's. At the end of the day, School isn't about actually learning anything; it's about earning straight A's. This is an unhealthy attitude that has plagued America for decades. I'm a student who loves math, And it's isolating to not find people who love the subject for what it is. I like to think of math class as divided into three groups: the kids who only know how to get A's, The kids who know how to do math and as a result get A's when the teacher isn't being stupid, And the kids who don't know either of those. It's the first group I feel the most sorry for. Besides, What do the straight A's on my report card tell me? That I can force myself to spend hours doing useless homework? That I remember what the teacher said? I've seen so many of my friends nearly have a heart attack over a B+, And it's ridiculous. Worse, Some of my classmates seem to have already given up. You can't have a discussion in class about anything deeply, Because everyone just wants to get the work done, Move on, And never revisit the subject again. Everyone wants to get an A, But no one is interested in learning for the sake of it. And that's stupid.

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