• Yes, they are.

    For this argument, I shall use the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. When this incident made headlines, many of these media outlets reported George Zimmerman as being white, and this issue as having been about race. This was said, however, without any evidence that it was true. As the sheep follow the shepherd, many followed the story put forth by these "news" sources. The result of this was the widespread belief that George Zimmerman was a racist murderer, when, as stated earlier, there was no factual basis behind this idea. Instead, the media deliberately reported false and twisted information and the result was an acquitted individual fearing for his life, riots and protests, and other crimes committed in the name of George Zimmerman, and a people, either thinking this way due to the fact that they're ignoring evidence, or are truly just brainwashed. I don't believe that these news sources are idiotic enough to report things like this and just now know, I think that this must be, at least some of the time, on purpose. And if one thinks about it, it's not just bad, it's evil. They've ruined Zimmerman's life, and for what? Their crummy agenda.

  • Yes they are

    They would never say anything about the controversy's in this administration, instead focusing on smaller stories. The people need to be informed by a fair and balanced news company(fox news). Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it. And the media in making us not learn the current events so these events will happen again.

  • Skewing the truth

    While it is obvious that both the right and left attempt to dilute the truth with their ideology, this does not make it any more right. There have been countless instances of the liberal media attempting to cover up/ completely overlook liberal politicians scandals. There have also been countless incidents of the liberal media exaggerating the scandals of republican politicians. While I am not saying that the right media does not do the same thing, the liberal media has not been called out for their biases to the same extent as the right media has.

  • Yes it is.

    The News is manipulative and biased with most cases. The reason most people think Fox News is 'right-wing propaganda' is because they're so used to watching hardcore left-wing/democratically aligned news channels that anything that doesn't scream 'Obama is the second coming of Christ', gets seen as evil and racist. The media is too liberal and the main problem is the children growing up believing what the news tells them. I am worried that my children will grow up as Greenpeace Starbucks hipsters, simply because the news promotes that kind of attitude. Watch Fox News, it's not right-wing, it's just less left-wing that the crap America is used to.

  • The conservative media is worse.

    Look at Fox News- they are not just politically biased, but they throw in religious bias and intolerance and racial bias and intolerance to boot. They also have a far greater tendency to selectively edit clips to fool the public and to outright lie- as independent fact checking agencies show. Politifact has given Fox News more "Pants on Fire" ratings than any other group.

  • Whatever the faults of Liberal Media they are shadowed by RIght Wing Media

    The Fox News network get's away with incredibly biased and bad journalism all the time. This of course is not the entire right wing media but it is by far the largest part of it. It's not like Rush Limbaugh is helping. For example look at the following graph that appeared on fox news:

    The graph shows is a simple line graph but they directly moved the locations of the last dot so that it looked like employment was stagnant instead of falling. This kind of lying was never apologized for and caused no major scandal. This is because this kind of horrendous journalism is standard on Fox news. Much of the people on the right wing live a bubble where they do not experience opposing points of view this is caused by living in the bubble that is right wing news.

    There are many different problems with what some people call the "liberal media" (some are iliberal others are not) but I would have to deal with an individual organization. I have never heard of any corrupt practices carried out by organizations that are at all left wing that come close to the corruption I have seen in Fox news.

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1dustpelt says2013-08-10T20:19:45.880
It's the ESTABLISHMENT media, not just the Liberal media that's bad. Look at how FOX treated Ron Paul.