• Yes, they are.

    For this argument, I shall use the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. When this incident made headlines, many of these media outlets reported George Zimmerman as being white, and this issue as having been about race. This was said, however, without any evidence that it was true. As the sheep follow the shepherd, many followed the story put forth by these "news" sources. The result of this was the widespread belief that George Zimmerman was a racist murderer, when, as stated earlier, there was no factual basis behind this idea. Instead, the media deliberately reported false and twisted information and the result was an acquitted individual fearing for his life, riots and protests, and other crimes committed in the name of George Zimmerman, and a people, either thinking this way due to the fact that they're ignoring evidence, or are truly just brainwashed. I don't believe that these news sources are idiotic enough to report things like this and just now know, I think that this must be, at least some of the time, on purpose. And if one thinks about it, it's not just bad, it's evil. They've ruined Zimmerman's life, and for what? Their crummy agenda.

  • Any political media is

    Gigantic networks should not be using political bias at all. Nearly the entire "news" broadcast is commentary and opinions. It should be the responsibility of networks to offer straight, balanced facts. How can the American people even obtain facts if 90% of the report is just commentary? They could at least admit to being politically bias.

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