Is the Libertarian Party the best chance for a 3rd party in the United States?

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  • They are getting stronger.

    Yes, the Libertarian Party is the best chance for a 3rd party in the United States, because they are stronger than they have been ever before. The Republican party is nearly at a point with the libertarians that there is a mutiny within the party. The libertarians are on the rise and people sympathize with them.

  • Yes, they have a good chance.

    Yes, the Libertarian Party gives liberty-lovers within the Democratic and Republican Parties the juice they need to effect change. Neither of the two old parties will budge without the threat of a small-government competitor. Libertarians work for everyday taxpayers, workers and voters - not Special Interests. Not to be part of the machinery of Big Government. Not to get government jobs. Not to grab “our share” of the goodies.

  • Yes, the Libertarian Party is the best chance.

    I think that the Libertarian Party is the best chance at a 3rd party in the United States. For the past few elections, it is clear that the Libertarian Party has made the most progress in terms of getting some of the votes. But I think that the Democrats and Republicans are just way to strong.

  • Not even close

    It's irrelevant in politics, what I'd prefer is a party that wants America's strength and status to be upheld, to protect our freedom that's been encroached in the previous decade, and one that advocates participation in the International community, NOT one that would see us isolated and on a economic and government system that would just not work out. Their version of an economic system is economic anarchy.

  • Varying Options Ahead

    I believe the Libertarian Party does have a good chance of being a 3rd party for the United States, but there are more groups rising in popularity as well. I hope to see all of these parties flourish, to a degree, so we can more options come time for election.

  • No, but Libertarianism will become more prominent

    I doubt that the Libertarian Party itself will be a third party, but I do think that the Republican Party is becoming more libertarian. There are a lot of prominent libertarian Republicans like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie, and there are other Republicans who hold some libertarian views. Usually when a third party becomes prominent, one of the two larger parties adapts its views and in effect absorbs it. The Populist Party was absorbed into the Democratic Party in the 1890s. The various Progressive Parties of the early 1900s were absorbed by the GOP, and then briefly broke away once again, when many of them were absorbed into the Democratic Party.

  • The US political system will always revert to a two party system.

    It is sad but true. Even if a the libertarian party starts getting congressmen elected, the congressmen will always have to pick sides between the republican agenda or the democratic agenda. There is a greater chance of them replacing one of the current parties than having a long lasting third party.

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