• Art is hard

    You need to be creative and have thoughts that no one else has. Picking out colors and canvas'. You need to pick out what type of brush or what type of texture you want. Maybe pen, pencil, marker, paint, crayon. Being an artist is hard whether you like it or not

  • Chasing A Dream.

    I Go To Becoming Independent (BI). I Have A Seizure Disability And I Work Hard On Art Plus I'm Really Good Because I Have Been Doing Art For Years.I Get Social Security Money Every Month.
    I Was A Loner And Never Had Friends. Because I Was Bullyed Because Of My Disability All Throughout School And The Friends I Had Left Me ,I Felt So Alone.
    I Became Isolated.
    At BI, I Get To Create Things,Be With Other Artists.
    I Feel How Good I Am At Art And I Can Do More Because People Love My Art.
    Someday I Want To Do Something Amazing. I Dream To Be A Comic Book Writer And Be Well Known.Maybe With Some Effort I Can Make This Dream Real.

  • Is art difficult? YES

    Please take a moment of your time to read and reply with any opinions. My name is Darray Hall and I have a strong passion for art. Art is indeed a difficult category, due to the multiple amount of interests in the ones viewing your art. Art is difficult due to the fact that, you can never be the best. Instead, being in a world with thousands of artists, you must find a form of uniqueness. Another difficulty would definitely be the time spent on a piece. At the same time, knowing that whatever youre working on will take hours or even days, will be even more extended to complete due to the priorities you handle (bills, kids, school, etc) . But, just like I tell myself and other artists, "I know it's difficult, I know someone will always draw more attention, and I know I will have to struggle most of the time, but without that artistic gift to have the opportunity to become the greatest, Itl be difficult finding an alternative."

    Thank you, and for all artists... Keep drawing and believe that you can pass the difficult stage

  • Of course it's difficult, and there are so many reasons why.

    First of all, I don't think that real professional and talented artists 'chose' to be an artist. They were born with this gift in their basket. Well, at least that's how it was with me. I didn't choose that, it was in me already. There wasn't a moment where I suddenly wanted to be an artist and willingly go trough all the struggles. I knew and felt it all along since I was a toddler and from day 1 I was serious about it. I knew it is my mission in this lifetime. In these past 23 years I have experienced so many difficulties, struggles and pain. There are a lot of creative things I do, but painting is my priority. Yes, to paint and draw professionally, it takes years and years of practice but the most difficult part isn't as much as physical job as mental one. After every painting and drawing I'm so exhausted, both physically and mentally, that it sometimes takes days to recover. It's hard, very hard. Even your body hurts after long hours of sitting or standing in different kind of positions. And speaking in mental level, there's no switch off button. You think about it all the time. You can't even sleep because you can't dictate when the 'big' idea will come to you. And I'm just writing here about the process it self. There are so so many struggles with art students, I personally struggle everyday despite the fact that I'm one of the best in the class. Then there self-promotion, marketing, finding artist friends/contacts, job which in artists case will be a total headache giver, because there no such job as 'painter' for example. We gotta find ways. We are poor, because so much money goes into the artworks. The studies cost a fortune. And even going trough all this roller coaster, there no guarantee you'll succeed professionally. It's just simply not the world where you can relax about your monthly income or well being. It is a wonderful life, when you succeed though.

  • Bills need to be paid

    The struggle living as an artist is very difficult. We cannot conform to societies boundaries set for the normal human. We have a deeper appreciation for life and art is apart of it. Having bills that need to be paid and not having a steady source of income is terrifying.

  • Dumb Question YES

    Everything about it is challenging and difficult, image reaching down into your soul, grabbing a atom, and bringing it out to share with the world. Some people will see the image, to other it will need explanation.
    Marketing and selling is both the easiest and most difficult part because removing an atom from your soul tends to be exhausting.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that it is difficult.

    There seems to be some difference in opinions to how artists lives seem to run, getting into the arts is a choice but in this day and age the poetic notion of a 'starving artist' is simply outdated. Also the image of an artist spending all day in a studio producing masterpieces and smoking cigarettes should be relegated to the old cinema stereotypes.

    Art Colleges continuously churn out 4-500 artists a year into a field which (at least in Britain) struggles for funding as it is. Only a hand full of these artists will find success in the artist and probably only for a short period of time. An even more depressing figure is the amount of people who's one and only exhibition in their lives will be their degree show. For the rest of us who have continued to try and believe me we have tried, we are forced to take on 2/3 other jobs at a time to support our craft, working all hours of the day so we can afford food and a roof over our head. There has been times were I have had 2/3 hours sleep because otherwise I wouldn't get everything done. If we are lucky we manage to get an unpaid internship in a gallery or other arts organisations just so we can feel more connected to the art world. Many of the artists I know have managed to at least get jobs in the community arts sector, being beneficial to the system but once again funding for these projects are very limited so jobs are very limited.

    As well as having 2 or 3 other jobs you also have to do the job of an artist. This includes self promotion, organisation, meeting influential people in the field and once that is all done you have to make your work. With companies these areas would be separated amongst a number of employees but these have to be managed by you and no one else.

    People here seem to be pawning it off as simply 'challenging', and although these are true to an extent no one seems to realise that for every Damien Hurst or Tracey Emin there are thousands of artists who are fighting to use the skills they've learned in any way shape or form to just allow them to support themselves.

    I am not looking to make a comparison to any other profession, and I would like people to realise I understand that artists aren't the only ones that have 'difficult' lives.

  • Of course, it is

    Artists (I'll be focusing of visual artists here) must spend years of drawing, and studying 4-6 hours a day at the LEAST. It is a very very cruel world for any artists. The pay is low and the people are very competitive. An artist might have to spend 7-12 hours a day drawing at professional level. You have to study perspective, anatomy, proportions, and fundamentals just to get a little above average. You also have to market your work by yourself. It is hard!

  • The life of an artist is difficult.

    I believe that life of an artist is difficult, especially if he or she is trying to make a living off of their art. There is so much competition among artists because there are so many good artists in the world. I think an artist has to become known and established, and very few are able to do that. Also government funding for artists has drastically decreased over the years, making it difficult for an artist.

  • I personally think the life of an artist is hard.

    I think when they are first beginning, it is very hard. They have to find their inspiration, then they have to become motivated. It takes long hours to sit behind a canvas and make a masterpiece. Then you still have to have your work shown. You have to find a gallery that will show your work. To begin, it is very hard, but the outcome is worth it.

  • Life of an Artist is not hard

    Trust me, you cannot become an Artist until you love sketching, drawing, painting etc.. Or whatever you're specifying field is. If you love what you do, things are good no need to worry. It don't take much study, if you draw you learn by experience and anyway drawing & sketching is fun, it brings out your creative self n you can express your self in a way you cannot express in words.
    A good hyer-realistic drawing (simple one) will take you not more than 4 hours in a stretch if you a good Artist. Yes, to be a good one you have to work hard with passion & dedication. But isn't this the thing is all the fields. You take any profession you have to work hard in order to get success and those who do with passion & dedication it becomes easy & enjoyable for them. :)

  • A Challenge, yes, but hard?

    The life of an artist is certainly not the most easy- many things are required- organisation, perseverance, and courage. It's a challenge that has to be overcome, and a bit like publishing, just as you won't get your book published the first time you send to a publisher, the first gallery might not accept your work. One has to be able to realise and accept this, just as authors do. Then again being an artist isn't all about art and painting, there has to be a certain amount of self-promotion and organisation. The life of an artist is maybe challenging at the start, and one has to get used to it, but it certainly isn't hard. It is a way of living that some enjoy, and also a way of living that others might not enjoy, but the latter's opinion does not make it necessarily hard.

  • No, an artist just values different things.

    While much has been made of the 'starving artist' simply trying to get by in a cold world, the fact is that artists choose their own lifestyle. People value different things, and nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at the lifestyle of the artist. Instead of a job and stability, they value artistic expression and freedom. That simply makes their lives different, no difficult.

  • Maybe it looks difficult to outsiders.

    No, I don't think artists lives are necessarily "difficult." I think artists, much like the rest of us, can make their lives as easy or difficult as they choose. Artists don't typically make a lot of money, and that may provide some challenges for them, but overall, I think they are probably happy doing what they love to do.

  • The Life of an Artist Can Be Difficult, But Hard?

    I guess this question must have some sort of perspective applied to it, so I can only assume they mean “difficult- hard”, as in arduous, or strenuous. I suppose if the artist is involved in one of the particular artistic fads that use steel, or heavy objects as part of their art, then the answer might lean more towards yes than no, at least in regards to the physical nature of that work being hard. Or maybe if one considers the definition of the word “hard” as it relates to monetary struggles that could plague the proverbial “starving artist”, then life for an artist might be hard in that respect. But from the outside looking in on the art world, I would have say as a general rule, considering what is normally the defined context associated with the word hard, that the life of an artist would not be such.

  • No it's not difficult, Because i love painting.

    You cannot become an Artist until you love sketching, Drawing, Painting etc. If you love what you do, Things are good no need to worry. It don't take much study, If you draw you learn by experience and anyway Painting & sketching is fun, It brings out your creative self n you can express your self in a way you cannot express in words.
    A good hyper-realistic drawing will take you not more than 4 hours in a stretch if you a good Artist. Yes, To be a good one you have to work hard with passion & dedication. But isn't this the thing is all the fields. You take any profession you have to work hard in order to get success and those who do with passion & dedication it becomes easy & enjoyable for them. :)

  • An Artist Focuses on Passion and Talent

    Everybody is an artist depending on your field because art is all about creation; being creative, having ideas and this applies to all aspect of life. As an individual it is best to do what you have passion for and focus on your talent, that way living or surviving won't be hard but as easy as breathing. An artist believes in passion and talent. Every artwork to an artist brings joy, happiness, a lovely, great feeling that can't be expressed in words but various ways and living can just be easy for an artist if he/she believes in themselves and their artwork and not what the world thinks. Be different, confident in yourselves and artwork, be patient and love what you do and everything will come naturally.

  • What some people may see as difficulty others see as excitrment.

    The challenges amount to the muse needed to be unique and original...But it is easier said than done . The sole purpose for creating any art form is the obligation of every practising artist. Art is Life and life is relatively difficult if you can't do miracles; so is art more difficult than life ?

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