Is the Lifeproof case higher quality than the Otter Box?

  • Lifeproof cases are superior to Otter Box

    The first and most notable reason that Lifeproof is greater than Otter Box, is size and appearance. A Lifeproof is much smaller and more lightweight than an Otter Box, while still delivering excellent protection. Another key feature is the ability to go underwater with a Lifeproof, something Otter Box can't match. No one wants to carry around what feels and looks like a briefcase in their pocket, but a Lifeproof looks no different than any other case on the market.

  • No, Otter Box is stronger.

    The Otter Box case is more durable and rugged that the Lifeproof case. This means more safety for phones in the event of a drop or other accident. Otter Box's combination of hard and soft plastic and rubber protects phones better against all types of damage. While Lifeproof cases are also designed to protect, they can't match the quality of Otter Box cases.

  • Lifeproof is more expensive and doesn't work as well.

    The attraction of the Lifeproof case is its slimmer, sleeker feel, and the promise of water resistance up to six feet. However, in the long run, the Otter Box is sturdier, protects your phone better, and the lowest-price models cost significantly less than the Lifeproof, making the Otter Box a better bet for protection.

  • No, the Lifeproof case is not higher quality than the Otter Box

    No, the Lifeproof case is not superior to the Otter Box. While the Lifeproof case offers more protection against water, it also costs a lot more than the Otter Box and isn't as sturdy when you drop it. Dropping phones causes more damage than exposure to moisture, so a case that shields the phone in cases of a drop is more appealing.

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