Is the light fading on the innumerable candle light marches?

  • Yes the light is fading because there are too many of them.

    There are just too many candlelight marches. They don't catch the attention they once did. I don't think they should stop if they make the people doing them feel better, plus I am sure it brings attention of an issue to some, but there are new and more effective ways to bring issues to light. Or a different approach needs to be taken. Including a coordination of the march with social media promotion and marketing. Also working news agencies to take the march serious and actually providing coverage. I am still touched when I see one, but most of the time they aren't even aired on the news anymore.

  • Yes, they don't do much to change anything.

    While it's a step in the right direction to raise awareness and show public support for victims of gang rape in India, I think a more concrete strategy should be implemented: for instance, educating women about safety and lobbying for stricter laws and better security/police. The candlelight marches show support of the cause, and points out to everyone that a solution is needed. The next step is to find and implement that solution. The marches may raise awareness and enthusiasm with the general public for a while, but usually, with things like that, a new issue will come to the forefront, and the last one will be forgotten.

  • Yes, the light is fading on the innumerable candle light marchers.

    Yes, with so many candlelight marches happening around the world, day in and day out, candle light marches have lost their luster. They are no longer a grand gesture which is rare to see, they happen very often, all over the world. It is time to take a new approach, something that will garner as much attention as this once did.

  • No, the light is not fading.

    As someone who has looked back in time and thought hard about how persistent an idea is, I do not see the ideals or beliefs behind candle light marches fading away any time soon. Once people get an idea in their head and think a certain way, they stick with it.

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