• Ling King remains the supreme '90s animated movie

    The Lion King is a timeless movie and the best overall animated movie of the 1990s. What makes it the best is that it appeals to children and adults and has a message for all viewers. Additionally, it is fun and enjoyable in addition which is why I think it is the best, slightly better than Aladdin (next best in my opinion).

  • I can feel the love tonight!

    They don't make animated films the way they use to! The Lion King was a beautiful story of a son trying to find his way in the world. It painted the most beautiful picture of love and loss and of the relationship between a father and son. The Lion King is a classic that parents who remember loving it as a child, will in turn show their own children.

  • I think it is

    I think the Lion King is the best animated movie of the 1990s. I have a hard time thinking of any other movie that I would compare to it. The Lion King appeals to all ages and has a great story. For the 1990s, I think the Lion King was an animated masterpiece.

  • How can you choose?

    This type of argument is so subjective, and depends on every one's specific tastes. I personally love the movie. I think the animation is great, the music is top notch, and I still own quite a bit of the merchandise I bought from the film in the90s but there are too many variables to name any feature the best of them all.

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