Is the M4 platform better than the AK platform?

Asked by: MSFMiller
  • Welp yes This is good

    I think when i will visit somalia i will pick up the M4 considering i have like 7 clips of ammo for that shit. And also i will go shoot up somalian underwater monsters. I heard theres a loch ness monster hidden there but i am not quite sure. But yes i am ready to explore the shit out of somalia.

  • M4 is the besterdest thing ever

    Dude, Haven't you seen John Wick 3 how he uses a M4 to destroy his enemies in a very brutal manner. I have to say that was pretty hot and that turns me on very much. John Wick would never use AK because that's a shit gun for terrorists who are little niggers and must die.

  • Hard to say

    Let's start that AK is extremely reliable so you will have no problems with it jamming. Also it's very easy to operate, Easy to maintain. It has bigger rounds so it has harder kick.
    M4 though is lighter, Has higher rate of fire. You can also carry more ammo because it uses lighter ammo.
    If I had to choose, I'd take AK.

  • Depends on the application

    I would pick the M4 in a situation where the was good logistical support, And the AK where there was not. M4 is better for organized military. AK is better for guerrilla groups that have only limited support. AK is easier to maintain, But less accurate. M4 is more accurate but less durable.

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