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  • Not even close

    If science has taken away the "magic" of your life, you haven't dove far enough into it. There is nothing more magical and crazy than science. Quantum theory is far more magical to me than anything that could have been taught in a church, or through a mass printed book.

  • Not Missing The Magic

    I do not believe the magic of life is taken away by science. I find science to be very interesting and I think it helps to answer questions the human race has. Without science we would have a lot of problems and we certainly would not be where we are today.

  • No, the magic in life has not and will not be taken away from life.

    Science is magic! Science is where we can ask questions and use tools inherited from history to determine possible answers to our questions. For example: the heavens above or, as others call it space, is magical. The exploration of space is magic in the making. Creating amazing spaceships, telescopes and those who explore them using these unique tools are the aftermath of an amazing magic trick. The Hubble telescope has shown us what has not been touched by human thought and does an amazing job at creating more questions or what its professional known as hypothesis to test and learn. The expansion of human thought and desire for knowledge will always be magical especially if the answers to these questions generate more questions.

  • No, it adds to life.

    No, I don't think that the magic in life is taken away by science. I think learning how things work and came to be just adds to peoples curiosity about life. Science makes people think and explore the world around them. Just think of all the diseases that might not have been cured without science.

  • It makes it more magical.

    No, science does not take magic away, because science is magical in and of itself. The way that the world works is fascinating, and it is fascinating that God made the world for us. We are never done exploring the fantasies of the universe. Science and magic go hand in hand.

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