Is the mainstream media biased against men?

Asked by: Cat47
  • American businesses cater to women by portraying men in negative and demeaning ways in thier commercials. Very transparent attempt to kiss up to women.

    Women are the primary consumers of products in america so the media and the companies that support them through commercials choose to portray women in positive roles and men in negative roles. Simple math. Men, please boycott the products of companies that take this approach in their commercials. Do not buy their products. Send them emails that they are offensive and demeaning.

  • Yes, Actually Quite a Bit.

    Many of the major media outlets (including a few feigned "conservative" groups), has shown themselves to be very sexist in their bent, as far as it relates to journalism. This includes making men out to be greedy, ignorant, selfish buffoons. While there are some legitimate cases in which such a portrayal is upright, the general bent towards such a position is not a good example of Professional Journalism, nor is it an appropriate way to treat men. I suggest that the media groups start treating men and women equally by admitting they both have their own separate strengths and weaknesses, and then coming up with solutions for how both sexes can be aids to the other, rather than barriers. Only then will media start being a solution and stop being a part of the problem.

  • Yes they are.

    For a while, the mainstream media has talked about men being inferior and violent to women in order to appease female readers. In books, TV and movies, men are usually either portrayed as submissive or villainous, and in commercials men are often portrayed as idiotic. The media has also tried to cover up men's issues and silence men's rights activists to make people think there is a war on women.

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