Is the market for old 50s cars and trucks declining due to the lack of interest from teenagers?

  • Although I love classic cars as a teen, a lot of my friends don't.

    I would give anything to own a car like the one in the picture. In fact, my dad and I have been working on a '74 El Lobo kit car for a while. It should be done soon. But yes, the classic car market is declining due to the cost of running the car -- these old cars are gas hogs and a lot of teenagers simply cannot afford to pay for gas. I drive a rather new Jeep (not known for their gas mileage of course) and I have to fill at least once a week, while I get paid biweekly. And honestly, a lot of my money goes into the Lobo. I couldn't care less for a shiny, new, fast car... Rat rods attract me. Although I don't mind retrobuilding a car -- putting an old frame over new parts to increase performance, reliability, and comfort.

  • Teenagers are just not interested these days.

    The new generation does not care about the older cars like they should. All the older cars now have fewer and fewer homes due too the fact that the generation that grew up in that time period are growing old and are unable to care for those cars. Retirement, financial and medical issues leave them resorting in having to sell their classic cars. Teens are not interested unless it is shiny, new and fast.

  • Im a teen

    I like 50s cars yeah e e e. E e e e e. E e. E. E. E e e e. E e e e. E e e e. E e e e. E e e. E just needed to fulfill the word count

  • Teens love old 50’s classics

    I’m only 14 and I love old cars. Classic cars get more attention than modern cars because the people know they take care of them. The way older cars were made were by humans and not robots. My grandma has a 1955 chevy and it looks like a beauty however, my mom has a Pontiac 2007 g6 and it looks and sounds old.

  • As a teenager I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything before 1980

    I just knew I couldn't take care of the car to the standards I require, and wasn't willing to let it go downhill. Cars are money pits, and I am putting it off till later in life. Muscle Cars from the 60's. 70's, 90's 2000's etc... Will ALWAYS have more appeal to teens since teens generally like a little wilder ride. That's just the way it is. Personally, when I was 16 or 17 the rides I wanted were an old Plymouth Fury, Buick Riviera, or a 32 Buick with a straight 8 and maybe a powerwagon or a willy's to play with. I got a practical truck for my lifestyle and loved it. I knew another guy who daily drove a clean unrestored 50's chevy in a northern climate, and I hated him for his lack of respect of such a sweet ride.

  • I don't think this market will die for a long time. Teens still value function over fashion! Over fashion.

    If you live in a smog check state--it's no argument. Buy a car made before 1975, and you can save a little cash from constantly f-ing
    with a poorly deigned hose monster. There will always be something
    Zen about riding down a road in an old Chevy, Ford truck. A truck the average teen can work on without taking a emmissions class, and
    carrying around a DVOM, and a scan tool.

  • ~Im A Teen!~

    Lol As you cant tell by the first "Urban Word", I am a teen who LOVES 50's car and trucks! I love the Classics (To me they're not Old), 1959 Chevy Bel Air, 1960 Chevy Impala Bubble Top,1958 Apache Pick Up, 1951 Dodge Dart Phoenix Etc. But as the people to the Left said <-- ... The price for one is cheap but the Restoration is a Arm and Leg. It also depends on your Economy level and Background. I who live in a low class economy could afford a $2k classic but not restored. Parts for the car are Expensive being they're made in USA, Paint Jobs, New fabric, New Tires Etc. That is just the minimum of what i think, or else i would of wrote a Essay and for that i need for my Sophomore Project. Thanks for the Idea to make this my Sophomore Project xD :)

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