Is the Mars mission trip doomed to fail and/or is it too much a danger to the astronauts?

Asked by: sophiamayb
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  • Mars is no more doomed than the Moon

    The Mars mission is not doomed to fail, chief of which is since the 1950s, we've known of a way to get their in short enough time to make it far more realistic, and that is nuclear pulse propulsion. This type of engine has never been built not because of technical inability, but simply because of nuclear testban treaties.

  • It is worth to risk.

    I think it would help us to develop more sophisticated interplanetary travel ships. May be one day we will travell to stellar space. I am for anything related to space, except genocid of alien species, if they exist.
    By the way, I do not care for anyone's life, except mine, of course.

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