Is the Mass Effect trilogy better than the Halo series?

  • Mass effect is better to me

    I love both these games and think if you can play them both. I find mass effect more fun because I care far more about the characters from the get go, you can interact and build the character as you want, sure within the choices. Mass effect promises more certainly so there more chance for disappointment. I did also notice they were both started with/by microsoft games studios so I think there is potential that they both started with the same basic plot outline but took very very different story telling routes, mass effect more about narrative and characters and Halo more about action and fighting and more difficult. I personally prefer third person to first person shooter so that also influences this as well. I prefer the way mass effect has a galactic community with a very complicated and explored history rather than the covenant being one force vs the humans, and thats all. Also based on just the games not outside canon, the covenant set up and the various species aren't really explored, all you see is war, and nothing about the lives of anyone outside the conflict. Theres more interesting conflict in Mass effect as well i mean there biotics and tech powers rather than just a gun and grenades. Also theres romance options, and friendships with multiple species in Mass effect. When it comes down to it both amazing games that overtime you finish one you'll be on the edge of your seat begging for the next one.

    Side note if you're going to get Halo, definitely go for the Master Chief collection they improved the graphics so much for 1 & 2, like stunning improvement compared to original it was very impressive.

  • Potential that they started in the same way

    I'm thinking as they were both originally developed with/by Microsoft games maybe just maybe they started off as the same idea and took different routes telling a similar story one more narrative and one more action. They have a similar basic plot but otherwise divert a lot. Also the argument about both main characters being named John is terrible. Your character in mass effect is never addressed by their first name because you can change it everyone knows them as Shepard, sorry saw that as a comparison point and it's so redundant. I love em both but find mass effect a more enjoyable revisit

  • Yes mass effect is better

    Personally if u can I suggest you play both as they're both brilliant I just get more invested in everything for mass effect and I prefer third person to first person and there's more characters who you can talk to. Where halo fall short in character development and things like that mass effect more than steps up, there is certainly more mystery in halo and the campaign is all the game is (not including any multiplayer stuff) whereas mass effect has side missions and exploration so it depends on what kind of game you prefer to be honest

  • Mass Effect for the win!

    Trust me, I LOVE the Halo series (like, STUPID LOVE it), but seriously, Mass Effect is just REALLY good!! I mean, it's not often when you play a video game that lets you chose your own path and have 20 friends all at once (all of them are important, don't get me wrong)! Winner: Mass Effect

  • Where Halo is good, Mass Effect is incredible.

    Halo has great gameplay, but is very lacking in character and story. The Arbiter is great, Chief is cool, and Cortana was interesting. But everyone else is a stereotype, whether it's a military stereotype, or generic bad guy alien. And Sergeant Johnson himself is taken right from the film Alien. Name AND personality. But where Halo fails, Mass Effect more than delivers. Mass Effect has incredible characters, each clearly defined, with lovable personalities, clear motives, interesting back stories, and awesome/unique relationships with Shepard. From your best friend Garrus, to your romantic interests like Liara or Tali, to your antagonists, namely the brilliantly written Illusive Man. Each is more than memorable, and they all feel real. Then there's story. Halo has gotten better in the story department, but is still nothing compared to Mass Effect. Halo tells simple, but interesting conflicts between hostile races and does have an interesting history with the forerunners. But it is very simple, action story telling of violent conflict and resolution. Halo doesn't ask any meaningful questions, or tackle deep themes.It doesn't make you really think and question everything you know and everything you could know. Mass Effect offers all that and more. Mass Effect has DEEP lore with explanations for all their science and how it works in the codex of each game, history with each race and how they got to where they are now, and of course the story that unfolds throughout the series. The story is dramatic, involving, action packed, and vast in it's ideas. The story covers questions of philosophy, ideology, existentialism, and cooperation through diversity. It tackles not only all the important questions of organic life, but major ideas of synthetic life, and synthetic/organic relations. BioWare crafted something truly amazing with the Mass Effect story and universe. The story is the best in any video game series I've played and despite the controversial ending, that has now been rectified for most, it is the truest example of high art in video games standing next to giants like Deus Ex.

  • Halo's good, but Mass Effect is amazing.

    Halo has better shooting mechanics and that's about it. Halo is action orientated and Mass Effect is well rounded. Mass Effect has great action, but it has a much deeper story and many more characters that are much more rich. Every character is defined and has an interesting back story. Most of the characters are extremely interesting and lovable. Halo consists of 3 good characters and a bunch of boring military drones. Halo's story has gotten better, but compared to Mass Effect it's child's play. Mass Effect has a huge story that tackles so many philosphical, ideological, and existential ideas and introduces extremely interesting situations and conversations. Mass Effect is a magnum opus and tour de force, while Halo is action packed, simple fun. And that best encompesses their main difference.

  • The charecters are better

    The reason the mass effect charecters are better is because if you want to learn about there past you can learn all you want in halo you can't go and explore deeper into a charecter. But I am not saying all Mass effects are better but most of them are.

  • The story was much more deep

    The halo story dose not pull you in as much as the Mass effect story. You get much more attached to the charecters, including your own. The game like all RPG'S is ment to make you fell like your actually in the game. Halo just did not do that. Also, halo is not and RPG. Both are good games but mass effect takes the win.

  • Just a better game in many ways

    You get to make choices that actually affect the storyline, you get to personalize with your squat mates, and lean about them. You get attached to the game and characters, and the missions are really fun. There are multiple endings to the story, and you can choose how to treat people, or how you want to be, paragon or renegade. You also get to choose your armour and weapons, and coustimize them, and save the galaxy. The story line is much deeper, and you can get more attached to it, and it's cooler in almost every aspect.

  • Mass Effect is Pure Gold

    Halo is an amazing game in it's own right, but in terms of story, characters and cause/effect, Mass Effect wins in a landslide. Sure, there may be a few mechanics that could've used a little polishing but the game is just incredible. I remember renting the PS3 version of ME2, deciding to give a try and I loved it. I practically begged my mom to buy me the Mass Effect Trilogy at a local game store and I still play it to this day.

    Now in terms of multiplayer, Halo is better. ME3's multiplayer takes too long to start, it's incredibly hard to make an account and it never authorizes my email. But I still prefer ME to Halo if I was alone and didn't have any friends over.

  • Are you kidding me?! Halo is way better!

    Halo is much more easy to aim, and have incredible characters. For example, Masterchief, Sergent Johntson, Noble teams, and many more. It also have incredible multiplayer games. You can also ride on vehicles. You also have this cool spartan armors. This is also a FPS game so this game is for experts.

  • The Halo trilogy is much better

    As much as I love Mass Effect I just have to say that Halo is much better. Halo has a functioning multi player while Mass Effect has no Multi player. I personally enjoyed Halos storyline more, even if it was much more overly complicated then Mass Effects great storyline. I liked Master Chief more then Shepard since 1. The Master Chief has done much more badass things then Shepard 2. The Chief isn't a derp if you leave your controller idle.

    Anyway those are my reasons herp derp bye

  • Killing Carnivorous Aliens with Four Lips

    Title says it all, why would you not want to play a game in which you can destroy purple tanks, board super walkers, and massacre little sentient crab things. I'm actually writing this because I'm bored, but as long as I can use a gravity hammer, I will love Halo.

  • Mass Effect is the most overrated game EVER!!! (Excluding The Last Of Us.) Halo is better in every aspect.

    Mass Effect is a completely bland, uninspired and just plain generic cover based shooter with zero ingenuity or innovation. In addition, the story is painfully predictable and cliché. In addition to this, the antagonist's motives are never explained at all. The graphics are just plain ugly, which isn't helped by the game's slideshow frame rate. (I needn't even mention the game's ridiculous load times.) Not only is Mass Effect overrated, but also one of if not the worst video game I've ever played.
    Now onto Halo.
    Halo is possibly the best franchise ever. It defined a generation of console shooters as well as introduced console multiplayer. The gunplay is stellar and feels unique accompanied by brilliant enemy AI in single player and wide variety in multiplayer. The story in Halo is nothing short of brilliant with developed characters, an interesting mythology, comedy, drama and a unique atmosphere. In addition, Halo's graphics are nothing short of gorgeous. The character models look realistic, the scenery is breathtaking and even despite its 30 FPS limitation, it runs very smoothly. Finally, Halo has had a much bigger impact on the gaming industry. It practically saved the Xbox from extinction and also changed the way we expect shooters to function.

    In short, Mass Effect is an absolute atrocity. Halo is better in every way, shape and/or form.

  • Halo's story is much deeper than you think

    A previous argument suggested that Halo doesn't make you question philosophy and existence like Mass Effect does, with its straightforward plot of killing aliens to save the world. However, the lore is greatly expanded upon within the books, and Halo trades telling it all in the games for amazing gameplay unlike any other. If you take the time to read some of the Forerunner saga, you will really begin thinking. But for the most part, Halo's just better because it's just plain fun.

  • Halo wins - better put together.

    Mass Effect tries to do too much and ends up with a lot of unnecessary and repetitive content. Too many cut scenes, weapons that aren't really that different, and the team element is only half effective, especially in the first game with awful AI. There's just to much filler. Mass Effect 2 was the best of the three but the combat still wasn't quite seamless enough, or compelling. It's good, very good even (ME2) but Halo, especially the original, was just a higher quality experience. ME even borrows a lot from Halo with the energy shields, warthog etc. Halo combat was more tactical, faster paced, the was more of it and it was more seamless. The cut scenes were fewer between and the world environments were bigger. There were genuine moments of surprise and suspense like facing down brutes for the first time and when the Flood first showed up. There were fewer weapons but they were truly different and each one mattered.

    Too much of ME felt irrelevant and even the Paragon v Renegade element seemed more about an accomplishment than really affecting things. ME 2 improved on that but a lot of the characters still felt expendable.

    Halo was the original and did it so well ME is one of the results. A different type of game but not as good as Halo. The action, size of world, and writing were all better

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