• The stats say yes.

    Today a story about 4 immigrant boys from Syria and Afghanistan sexually and physically assaulting Austrian girls in the school they attended came out. These assaults were just some on the long list of crimes done by recent immigrants in Europe. The Gatestone Institute compiled a long list of just some of the rapes done within a year by immigrants in Germany.
    And lets not forget what happened in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Helsinki o n new years eve.
    If you are a women in Europe mass immigration is especially dangerous.

  • A little immigration is a good thing, but this...

    I personally think this will be the issue that will sink the EU. Not that all migrants are violent, or even a majority of them, but the fact is the violent crime has risen in all of the countries that have taken in immigrants, and it has risen more in the countries that have taken in the most.

    It's not necessarily a problem with who the immigrants are (those cultural divides may have something to do with it), but such massive immigration, no matter who is coming in, will always be a shock to the system.

    I personally believe he will get very bad in places like Germany and Sweden that took in so many, and the countries that were functionally forced to adopt migrants due to Merkel will face domestic pressure to remove themselves from the EU.

    Not that the EU is something fantastic, but I nevertheless think this is a danger to Europe simply because of the increase in violence/rape and how much it has divided Eastern Europe from Western Europe and, for example, France from Germany.

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