• Just ask Gary McCord how he feels about the Augusta dictators.

    Since when does a golf course dictate to the USGA what television it can broadcast? Or who can play or who gets to attend or even how to wear a hat. The only thing going for it are the pretty flowers. Is this even a major event? Overrated. Move it somewhere else.

  • A great tournament, but still well behind the Open Championship and US Open.

    1. The course hardly test the long game accuracy nor course management off the tee.
    2. The entry rules make the field poor compared to the other majors.
    3. Having it on the same course makes it a bit less about who is the best golfer, but a bit more about "who has gotten to known this course best" over the years of being fortunate to be able to play it.
    4. The broadcast is horrible and the constant enforced hyping of the course is quickly getting annoying.
    5. The over-emphasize on Amen Corner during the broadcasts make it very boring. It soon gets old. They are three spectacular holes, but so are many other holes on Augusta.
    6. The lack of rough and few low-hanging branches makes the penalty for wayward tee shots way to low.
    7. The field is too small and it's too easy to make the cut.
    8. The broadcast hours is way to short.

  • If you like golf it's not overrated.

    People like Tiger Woods have worked so hard in their Golf career to make it to the Masters. I personally don't care to watch Golf, I would rather play it, but men and women deserve to be recognized for their hard work. Golf takes so much concentration and a lot of skill. I think they need something the same as football, hockey, and basketball.

  • No. Definitely not!

    The big buzz of the masters is not over rated because golf is a sport. If you make it to the masters, then you have achieved a successful golf career. People who play golf need a goal just like any other athlete. I do not understand or like golf but every one has a choice in that matter.

  • The Masters are classic sports entertainment.

    The pageantry and buzz surrounding the Masters is a suitable reaction to what is undoubtedly the pinnacle event in the sport of golf. The players always strive for their best, pushed to their limits by a challenging course. Overall, the event showcases the athletic accomplishments of the players and the best aspects of the sport.

  • Not at all.

    The Masters is an historic thing, and even if there is not the same amount of interest in it that there has been historically, it is not overrated. It is a happening that is well respected, even revered, for what it has meant in the past and what it currently means.

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