• Love is giving everything

    Yes, I believe that the meaning of love is giving 100% even if it is no reciprocated from the other person. Grand after so much rejection or non-commitment the one that gives 100 percent may decide that it is not worth the time or effort to move forward with this person.

  • Yes, love is always about giving 100%.

    Love is definitely about self-sacrifice and giving of one's self to the other person. However, it's definitely not an ideal situation when one partner is not putting forth the effort that the other one is. All you can do in this sort of situation is perhaps seek couple's therapy, if the other person is willing, so that you can both learn how to function in the relationship.

  • Yes, although not all the time.

    No one can give a hundred per cent when their partner is not giving much all the time. That just turns most people, and often the women, into victims. However, there is a give and take and one should always give one's best, even if possible when the partner is in a slump and does not feel loving.

  • Love is being unselfish.

    No, the meaning of love is not giving 100% even when your partner isn't, because love as many meanings. Love is trying to help someone. Love is putting someone's interests ahead of your own. Love can mean different things on different days. Love does not have just one finite meaning, it depends on the situation.

  • Not at all

    No, the meaning of love is just to want to always be with the person that you are in love with, and through no matter what you need to make sure that they are the one that you want to be with, and make sure you never do nothing to hurt them.

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