• I belive the meat industry is one of the most corrupt industries in the country.

    The meat industry in the United States is a corrupt organization. The industry repeatedly hires illegal immigrants and continues to support poor working conditions for these workers. Factory farming harms and puts independent farmers out of business, or into crippling debt. The industry is working diligently to hide their abuses to workers and animals by lobbying to pass a law to make it illegal to film the inside of processing facilities. The animal waste from large facilities seeps into groundwater and makes land unusable due to the overly high nitrogen content. Additionally, the beef industry is one of the most powerful special interest lobbies in the United States.

  • Corrupt and immoral

    If it corrupts our health, our environment, and the livelihood of animals, then it must be corrupt. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have increased because people are eating too much meat that contain antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals pumped in the animals' system. Animal agriculture contributes more to green house gas emissions than all trucks, planes and cars COMBINED. If you care about the planet, you would do more by reducing your meat consumption than saving on gas or riding bike to work.

  • Yes it is corrupt and needs to be regulated.

    It is corrupt for two main reasons:

    1. They hire thousands of illegal Immigrants, mainly from Mexico.

    2. They keep the price of meat artificially high in America because they export too much production, e.g., 10.6 % or 2.788 billion pounds of beef, 18% of poultry or 673 million pounds.

    Of course the arguments for the both exporting and hiring cheap illegal immigrant labor will be the standard nonsense about free trade and markets:

    “The job of markets is to seek out the highest value for products produced and encourage the most efficient use of resources to facilitate that production.”

    But, this argument is for the wealthy, those who control the means of production and get all the benefits. It does not address what is best for America.

    In February 2011, the average retail price per pound of beef was $3.87, up 12.4% versus a year ago. Chicken was up 3.9%, turkey was up 5.4%, veal up 6.7% and pork up 10%.

    In May 2012, the average retail price per pound of beef was $4.67, or up $ 80 cents or a 22% increase from February 2011. In 2013, it is up to $4.85, which is an 18 cent increase in less than 7 months. That is an overall increase since February 2011 of 98 cents or 25%.
    Record-high U.S. cattle, beef prices seen in 2013-CATTLEFAX

    Beef prices have gone up by 25% while salaries and wages increased by 1.1% for the 12-month period ending December 2012.

    The average annual CPI-U - Consumer Price Index was 172.2 in 2000 and was 232.166 in Feb 2013. Since 2000, the CPI has gone up 35%. From 2000 to 2010, median income in the U.S. declined by 7%, so the standard of living is continuing to decline for everyone but the wealthy.

    The meat industry is corrupt and needs to be forced to sell at least 90% of its production in the USA, and hire only legal Immigrants and citizens of the USA.

  • The meat industry is one of the most corrupt industries in the country.

    The meat industry in the United States is one of the most corrupt industries the country has ever seen. The meat industry is responsible for the hiring and housing of thousands of illegal immigrants, especially in some of the most anti-immigration states such as Kansas and Texas. The safety record for these facilities is suspect at best, and is responsible for some of the most dangerous work in the country.

    The pollution from packing facilities makes the soil unusable. The animal waste from holding pens seeps into the groundwater supply. Additionally, the beef industry is one of the biggest special interest lobbies in congress and is trying to pass a law making it illegal to film the interior of their facilities. If that's not corrupt, I don't know what is.

  • No, the meat industry is not corrupt.

    No, the meat industry is not corrupt and instead is filled with hard workers just trying to make an honest living and support their families. I believe that the meat industry has tough standards to keep the meat we enjoy the best and healthiest that it can be for us, and is in no way corrupt.

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