• Journalists will keep their jobs when businesses collapse

    Anyone working in an industry that is unlikely to be affected by a massive recession has nothing to lose so they can be irresponsible as they like - why wouldn't they vote for a party that will unquestionably lead us in to the deepest recession that the country has ever know - if you think Greece and Spain are in serious trouble wait and see what happens if Labour get in to power!!!

  • Yes, and rightfully so! (No pun intended)

    The conservatives are control freaks, who only want to help anyone who thinks like them. What I mean by that, is they are only protective of a person who is straight, Christian, soldier, industrial, male, and many times white. The liberals are like "hey, those people are only as valid as the people who are gay, non-christian, eco-friendly, woman, immigrant, and black."

  • Yes, conservatives are discrimated against by the media.

    Yes, the media are biased when talking about conservatives. A lot of the major news networks and channels are owned and operated by people who support Democrats and liberals. I think that it is fair to say that conservatives are being discriminated against by these groups. A lot of the people who are also on these networks are liberals.

  • It's clearly biased tre towards conservatives

    When talking about war do they interview retired generals or peace activists?
    For taxes and jobs do they interview business owners or labor activists?
    When talking about the stock market do they interview neoclassicalists or socialists?
    For trade policy do they interview people from Wall Street or zapatista protestors?
    Do they cover the green party, peace and freedom, or Donald Trump?
    When was the last time you heard about nationalizing industry or revoking corporate personhood?
    When did you see vandana shiva, chris hedges, noam chonsky, or muchaelnparenti named yet alone interviewed?
    Now what about rush limbaugh, sean hannity, bil ore.... What they all have their own shows? You kid.....

  • There are both sides.

    No, the media is not biased against conservatives, because there are some media outlets that are very conservative, and there are other media outlets that are very liberal. We all know which they are. A person can choose to watch Fox News if they don't want to have to listen to Tina Fey and the rest of NBC's nonsense.

  • No, it's not.

    I would say that the media is all over the place. Some channels lean conservative, some lean liberal. Some channels like FOX NEWS only exist to push the agenda of the right. MSNBC mostly leans liberal but has some programs and hosts who are conservative. Other channels have shows that maintain the policy of not taking sides on a story or just reporting the story without editorializing.

  • The media is biased against everyone

    The media isn't biased against just conservatives, the media is biased against everyone except whoever their specific "boss" is. Each media organization has some sort of agenda with the stories they tell and how they twist them. All a person has to do is pay attention to how each station represents the story differently. That helps see what the hidden agenda more than likely is.

  • Conservatives get equal time with Liberalists

    News media respond with coverage whether it is related to conservatives or any other group. When the government had a federal shut down in 2013, both sides were allotted their opinions to be heard on a national platform. It was covered by all media's, with conservatives having ample opportunity to voice their opinions. Society demands that all political opinions be heard and evaluated, hence there could not be bias against any one group.

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