Is the media causing kids to grow up too fast?

Asked by: reesey
  • One girl... Miley cyrus

    Miley cyrus was once a role model for my little sister. Now I realize that she is an adult and wants to get rid of her kid rep. But she needs to remember she still has children that look up to her. Every yr girls go to school in skimpier clothes. Teen mom and 16 and pregnant promote sex and drug use. Its like "hey if u get pregnant at a young age just call mtv. They'll come make you famous and give you tons of money.

  • Media force children to get involved in adult problems

    Media force kids to think about "adult problems". They have to see many current affairs, celebrities' scandal or political corruption... On TV, radio, the Internet. That causes children confused. Moreover, media tend to hold high competitive competition driving children in. Children are forced to win, to try to win. Children familiar with concept of beauty contest, model... They try to imitate adults in events.

  • Yes. But media is a cultural mirror.

    It's a crazy time to grow up right now, being a 90's/00's child I know how rough it can be first hand, and there's countless celebrity trainwrecks to prove it.

    But, media is not some omnipotent beast destroying our culture. Media is created to satiate the demands and tastes of people, which are shaped by dozens of influences, including media. You can't just change "media" you have to change culture.

  • Yes i 100% agree.

    Children's knowledge grows way too much once they are on social media, for example: Sex & Pregnancy. These days a kid would know what sex is and when i was 12 i had no clue was sex was. 16 & Pregnant is a classic show, once a kid sees the amount of money someone would get off that show they straight away feel the need to also be on that show.

  • The micfuck yes

    It used to be my little pony now it's just come fuck me daddy. Like the fuck it's getting so bad. I got my phone when I was first 16 years old and these little mother fuckers are getting them when they're just fucking 5 years old and jerking off in the corner

  • The influence to "make it as successful"

    It's the push in schools, and around friends and communities to feel that success is related to belong in trends in music, image, and material possessions. While this is clearly not true, the american culture pushes kids to meet these expectations or they are going to be poor and unwanted.

  • Media is causing kids not grow too fast

    Media is causing kids to not grow fast. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Today we have kids who at the age of 18 act like little kids and don't have any respect of their elders and leaders because of the influence of the media. The media is teaching kids all kinds of garbage that is harmful and not life changing at all.

  • Just too much

    Okay. The world nowadays, it's all about technology and social media right? And it also exercises (or in most cases - abuses) the right to freedom of speech and all that. What most of us don't realize is that by using the media to exercise this right, we are in fact claiming that this is how the world is today no matter what anyone else says. Hearing words coming from our big tv screens at home makes everything sound official and legitimate. Children are like sponges. They just soak up everything they hear, see and learn. And other people (the ones we see on the television) create great impacts on these children's lives. Whether they like it or not, all eyes are on them. And whether they like it or not kids tend to agree with almost everything that they do. Whether on camera or caught off set, kids just absorb everything. All the melodrama, the problems, the acting - it gets to them. And I think that it's just too much drama already. Yes, there is freedom - but we still have to watch what we say. Children are misguided. I think the time has come for us to stop telling them to grow up and start teaching them that it's okay to be a kid.

  • Knowing too much

    Kids these days are really growing up too fast! It's both good and bad. Some knowledge should be known at the right age. However, because of the media, kid these days knows more than they should. For example; my sister who's only 10 years old! She knows something that when I was her age I would have no idea what it is. And growing up this way (using media to teach) might lead to do something bad in the future, since not all medias are actually for kids.

  • For example TV shows

    I think some news from "star's life" which are demonstrated in TV shows or in some popular magazines impact on children's character. They thought that it's COOL to smoke to use drags and drink alcohol cocktails because Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus e.T.C. Do it. So that we must think before show it on TV.

  • What is 'too fast'?

    In order for you to describe an outcome as 'too fast', you would need to know what the right speed is. That's awfully presumptuous. I'm sure that everyone has a different opinion about when a child is old enough to drink, or wear tank-tops, or whatever, but that's not your decision to make. If you don't want your children to be exposed to adult content, then you can turn off the TV or watch something else. MTV doesn't force your kids to watch.

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