• Twitter, Fox, ABC, NBC, Etc

    The entire social media network are all a bunch of liars in a mafia group. They all get together and try to force their way into getting what they want. Regardless if it cost the life of people. They are a bunch of liberals trying to get what they want. 235, 000 people did not die from COVID 19. They can’t prove that they died from the virus. The presidency has been rigged so that they can remove trump. All because they don’t like how trump speaks to them. He is not a politician and he has told them that. But he is a business man and a knows how to negotiate. Look how the numbers spiked during the election for Biden. That’s all fabricated. If every voter in the US could go online and verify if there name was counted. Only they can come clean. There has been tons of people that did not vote but somehow their name show they did vote. Some people voted and somehow it shows that they did not vote. Why? Liberal Democrats has rotted people’s brains with their BS it’s ridiculous! Just so they get it their way. Look at Virginia. They claimed Biden won when there was only 13% votes counted and Trump was winning by over 50, 000 votes. That’s a scam! It clearly shows you that the Demonrats cannot be trusted!

  • Journalism is Dead, Do you even need a degree to report the News

    Media outlets are Bias and have moved to Brain Wash the people like Hitler did to Germany. They need to get back to just reporting, THE FACTS, And ALL the News, Without any Bias, Not just what they want the people to hear (their political agenda) Fox News is the latest to fall to the pressure put on them. This is America, "We the People" not "We the Media", Please see NEWSMAX as the only legitimate news 11 8 2020

  • The media has complete control over the masses

    The medias influence has peaked. The masses will consume and regurgitate anything that the media tells them they should be upset about, Regardless of how true it is. Individualism is dead, People don't think for themselves anymore. We are simply told what to believe by self serving, Multi million dollar media companies.

  • Misleading Facts Or just lying

    Misleading story’s, Most media is left leaning agendas with loaded questions, Unknown sources, Using video footage from a different source and calling it something else! Coordinated Media agenda to cause people to believe a so called fact that has half of no truth to it.
    90% of media in America is owned by 6 and they are heavily invested in colleges spreading a knowledge leftist agendas.
    They quote snopes a Liberal So called fact checking group that furthers the misleading information

  • They are the Strings, We are all the puppet.

    Think about a room full of people who are blindfolded, Gagged and earmuffed, They know they're not alone and are in a room full of other people but have no way of communicating amongst one another. Then, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! A communication broker appears, Promising to each one of them, That their message will be propogated to any/all the others and the messages of others shared with all. Can you imagine the power that individual weilds in that room? That is the media. You and I are TOLD that what to think by being told that everyone else thinks 'this' way or 'that'. Examples of anyone thinking different are specifically chosen to frame that person a 'loon', 'uneducated', 'dirty' or 'creepy' in some way. Examples of behaviour which we are wanted to emulate are chosen specifically to appear 'wholesome', 'clean' and 'healthy'. Who amongst us wants to be associated with the former? So we change, We morph and become what the media want us to become. We comply! Those who don't either remain silent, Isolated and shameful in their 'oddness' or (somehow by bypassing the media) manage to communicate and amalgamate only for the full force of the media to turn upon them. Yessir, The media is centrally owned and is most certainly manipulating and controlling us all for it's own devious ends.

  • No Values or Morals

    The media has the power to alter society in many negative ways, But they do not care. All people in the media are after a vested interest - ratings and money. They don't believe in anything real. If they believed in equality, Why do they perpetuate negative stereotypes? Their coverage is based on shock value and what will gain the most attention. If the media cared about the black community, Why did the music industry start celebrating gangster lifestyles so much so that the rate of gang members rose considerably after the rise of gangster rap music? And now music is still corrupting young minds today with ignorance, Misogyny and emptiness. It's a fact that violent crimes are disproportionately shown on the media compared to what has really happened. Mass murders are on the rise now because the media celebrates violence and gives them so much attention, So that now they're commonplace. Why did trash television start airing (Jerry Springer, Maury, Etc. )? The media knew this was wrong but aired it anyway for ratings. You're labelled as either someone who loves everyone or is a person who is full of hatred if you don't go along with everything the media says. Nothing any of the media says - whether it's the news or any idea they're pushing - can be trusted. They make people feel as if they can't think for themselves when everyone is put into a box. The media has led to even worse racism, Misogyny, Confusion, And hatred. What is real, What are people's real opinions and what is a result of the media's manipulation? It's hard to tell anymore.

  • Yes it is

    When any terrorist attack goes on or something such as a gang bang happens, the demographics of Muslims and black people are usually the people who are looked at first. And when they are, the media is first to take on their narrow idea of the two demographics on to be a terrorist group of people who only desire bad things and harm to everybody

  • Yes it is

    Think about all the things the news have said to us. It's all about controversy that is happening in the united states. It splits up our country into pieces and have us do nothing but fight with each other. I think the media should be heavily watched and not allowed to stir up controversy.

  • The media's (lower case) proverbial apple is handed to us with a sly smile, while it's brother the serpent is hissssssssssing in the background.

    The media is NOT a reflection of society. Media is driven BY IT'S FOCUS AND WHAT IT WANTS TO REPORT AND propagate. One has to ask oneself - who is front and center of everything? The media. Who reports falsehoods and exaggerates according to what they want us to believe - the media. Who has a positive or negative "picture" of someone or something and pushes it in the face of other people - the media. The media no longer lets us choose - it batters us to death with their destructive propaganda. It must have been media reporters that tried - again, to spoon feel us more lies (on the no side of this). We are on to you media - you've already been exposed as the liars, deceivers and bluffers that you are. Even thou exposed, you continue going around handing people the "proverbial apple" with a sly smile on your face -while your media brother hisssssssses in the background. Remember, were already liberated from the media lies - now we just have to ignore them - COMPLETELY. I drop of poison a day can kill you - especially hemlock - so deceptive it looks drinkable. Don't waste your time trying to rationalize what the media says - lying is not rational, fair or bringing us all together as a country, instead it is the poison that continues to take down one person, one group, one state, one country at a time. REFUTE IT! DON'T TOUCH IT. STAY AWAY FROM IT. LET THEM TALK TO EACH OTHER AND DAMAGE THEMSELVES. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DON'T INVITE THEM INTO YOUR HOME (that is what they tell us, we want to hear what they have to say). Remember - one drop . . . Can kill you.

  • Media is a propaganda machine for progressive agenda and liberal ideaology

    Just look at the bias of media pundits. There is no integrity. Media injects themselves into the story much to often and begins to believe that they are the story. Money and power has corrupted the media. When you have 1400 media organizations controlled by six companies, it wrong. If you control the message then you can control the masses.

  • No it has not

    I get it all the lazy people and dysfunctional humans but its also its own society itself so many people live on the internet and still have jobs to this day and are functioning people in our society and gaming systems have improved our social status and we can play talk and enjoy with Friends and family across the world maybe you should just give it a try

  • It is Improving Society

    Society is an entity on its own, and media is just a tool to help society grow as a unit. (Social) Media has helped with donations, awareness's, and connecting human beings together that has never been done before in all of life on earth. I don't believe the media is corrupting society, but SOME of society is not using this tool for the greater good and rather using it to feed the narrow minded.

  • Media is not Corrupting Society

    No, media is not corrupting modern society. Media is a reflection of society. While it can also influence society, media is primarily a mirror of the state of society. If media is depraved, it could indicate society is depraved, but it does not indicate that the media is what caused this depravity.

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