• Yes And No: It Depends on "Which" Media

    The media while always have an influence swaying public opinion and a country's culture. The media, in terms of the broadcast news, has been corrosive on the trends that get set. However, we currently live in age where everything is moving digital. Online media is so vast that it is a vastly different monster than television.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, absolutely it has.

    But I don't think that means we need to censor the media. I think that as people, we need to remind ourselves of what is the most important thing out there. I think it's vital for us to focus not upon the media, but to focus on ourselves and providing goodness for those around us.

  • Yes, absolutely it is.

    Oh, definitely yes. There are hardly any limits whatsoever on the things they will allow in the mainstream media these days, and so there is a lot of stuff that is seeping out there now that formerly the censors would not allow. The more this happens, the less of a "shock factor" there is on a lot of things. Where formerly people would be shocked by vulgarity or even partial nudity in things, everyone is getting so used to this now so they're all sort of blasé about it. People seem to push the censors more and more because of this, and worse and worse things are being allowed to be shown and heard.

    Posted by: Misa
  • Yes, it no longer reports honestly.

    The media no longer can be trusted in society. It used to be great for America because it would inform the public on what situations are going on. Now, each media station only reports on what they report on and doesn't report on anything that will go against their political opinions. Therefore, it is making society corrupt.

  • Contribution to deterioration

    Media contributes to the deterioration of society by sustaining and supporting information that arouses the minds of the citizens to content, gossip, murmur, complain about people's weaknesses, wrong choices, and failures in life. It does not uplift, strengthen, cause one to ponder about the beauty of life in its different aspects, but seek to trigger the hungry dissatisfy souls that are lost, confused, bitter, and or above themselves so far to see their flaws. Not only should it be informative but it should be good not to please people, but to please an higher power first and foremost.

  • Media is a religion

    Media ownership is a critical factor in why viewers are not given an accurate perspective on social idealisms and public interests. The corporations that grow bigger and bigger on a daily basis enivitably own the media and choose the best perspectives that suit their own commercial and social interests. They manipulate and effectively control many politicians, and perhaps even some governments. It is hard to believe anything one might hear or read in the media. Media is so powerful and so global that I would like to suggest it is indeed a religion. The age of Media. Corrupt.

  • Indeed it does

    Look at teens these days. They're getting pregnant at younger ages and doing things none of you would have done as a teenager. They're getting into drugs and sex. Why do you think that is? More than likely because of the things they see on T.V and in movies. Media has a negative influence on society.

  • Or is Society corrupting the media? That is the question..

    The media is a reflection of our corrupt society. The society is a reflection of the corrupt influence from the media. We can't keep blaming the media for all our wonderful corruption because the people of the media ARE society. The people of society are what ultimately supports the media. Whatever you think is corrupt, the media and society are one and the same.

    But that's just my opinion.

  • Driving Our Opinion

    Seriously, when you look on the television stations, what do you see that is actually news? One, there are only a handful of news stations out there. Secondly, many of them don't do news full time, and that news contains items that are not news. But lastly, there are only the things that make an interesting story, not an actual piece of news that could be considered very important. Is it more important that an adolescent climbed Mt. Everest, or that your current state has released a new law, or has a new governor. The media shows us half-truths, and stuff we don't need to know. It drives our opinion of the world and creates solid views on how the people in power THINK things should be.

  • Baby P Case

    After watching one of the best informative programmes that the BBC have produced yesterday concerning Baby P (a long time since the BBC transmitted something that gave the overriding facts and the other side of the media story), it became clear that the Media are suppressing news to the people. I say this as today hardly any news outlets mentioned this 1-hour BBC programme , just as though it had never happened. Did not appear on the BBC's teletext either as an item. Therefore the media are only telling the people what they wish the people to know and if this attacks the establishment, they draw back.

    But what this programme brought out was that the destroying of highly sensitive files has to become a criminal offence with a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years for the perpetrators and heads of these authorities involved. Indeed what was seen also
    that has to stop, is the buying off of the silence of people with 'public funds'. In the Baby P case £120,000 by lawyers acting for the Authority concerned. Taxpayer's money also if used to silence people therefore should also be a criminal offence with the same penalties, as the people who are using public funds to cover their tracks are criminals also. This also happened at Rotherham Council where at least 1400 young people and children were violated (estimated by some to be far in excess of these numbers), but where these people who destroy files just get off scot free. In any civilised society this cannot be allowed to continue or are our politicians duplicitous in all this corruption it has to be asked? Indeed, 'actions' have to taken and quickly to bring the true feeling of justice back into Britain and where presently it is totally missing where protection of our most vulnerable people are concerned.

    We call countries like China for their so-called criminal activity but where only today it has been announced that they have set up a system where the Chinese people can ring and tell of the wrong doings by their authorities et al...To stamp out corruption (indeed, Baby P and Rotherham Council's actions are also corruption on a grand scale and no different to China). It's about time therefore that the British people had this mechanism to bring to justice the criminal activities that abound in our government authorities.

    Why don't the media investigate? I have a very good idea why not and the rich and powerful come to mind.

  • No it has not

    I get it all the lazy people and dysfunctional humans but its also its own society itself so many people live on the internet and still have jobs to this day and are functioning people in our society and gaming systems have improved our social status and we can play talk and enjoy with Friends and family across the world maybe you should just give it a try

  • It is Improving Society

    Society is an entity on its own, and media is just a tool to help society grow as a unit. (Social) Media has helped with donations, awareness's, and connecting human beings together that has never been done before in all of life on earth. I don't believe the media is corrupting society, but SOME of society is not using this tool for the greater good and rather using it to feed the narrow minded.

  • Media is not Corrupting Society

    No, media is not corrupting modern society. Media is a reflection of society. While it can also influence society, media is primarily a mirror of the state of society. If media is depraved, it could indicate society is depraved, but it does not indicate that the media is what caused this depravity.

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