• They are over exxageraating

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  • It is safe

    GMOs have been around for a few decades now, they have been thousands of independent researches indicating that GMO is a safe and viable means of production and the only studies saying otherwise are either discredited, funded by anti-GMO organizations or just in general outliers in the scientific data trend and community. Anti-GMO is no different than anti-vaccination or anti-evolution it's simply not factually viable.

  • Yes they are

    The science is clear and massive supporting the safety of commercialized GMOs. Every credible scientific organization on the planet has issued consensus statements supporting the safety of GMO foods. Media needs controversy to sell its wares. It is boring to read about a product that is no different than any other product of the same kind.

  • Yes, the media is exaggerating the GMO debate.

    I think that the media is definitely is exaggerating the GMO debate. I think that a lot of people are just way too concerned about the idea of their food being tampered with by science. I think people just need to wait for the results and see if there are any proof that GMO is harmful.

  • It's nothing scary.

    Yes, the media is exaggerating the GMO debate, because GMOs are not dangerous. The farmers have been trying to breed better and better crops and animals for years. This is nothing new. If they can farm more efficiently and produce better looking fruit, that is good for them and for us. The media blows it out of proportion.

  • The media is exaggerating the GMO debate

    GMOs have not been shown to be harmful to people. Yet the media constantly antagonizes the common person with such worries despite no scientific evidence supporting their claims. As things are today, without higher yield GMO crops the world would have a difficult time acquiring enough food. There are certain problems with GMO crops, mainly that there is a kind of monopoly on GMO seeds by a select few companies. GMO seeds should be open source and not be able to be patented. GMO in and of itself as a technology and product has not been shown to be harmful to humans.

  • The media is not exaggerating the GMO debate

    It is my opinion that the media is not exaggerating the debate over GMOs. The use of GMOs is a hotly debated topic because the consequences of using GMOs are not yet fully researched or understood, yet they are becoming more and more popular. Both the support for and against GMOs is fully warranted.

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