• E. Bola is Being Used as a Scare Tactic by the Liberal Media

    The media is just using Ebola to scare people into submission and forces them to watch the news for updates. The risk of an actual "outbreak" is minimal at its peak, since the disease is as contagious as HIV/AIDS. If someone that has the disease is treated and kept in privacy as the CDC continues to work on a cure, there is VERY minimal threat of an outbreak of Ebola in the United States.

  • Ebola is not a serious danger

    The media is pushing the Ebola story because it sells. The risk is minimal at best. We do not have the climate to support a major outbreak. Also the disease is not nearly as deadly if a patient receives aggressive medical care. There are much bigger problems in this country that do not help ratings.

  • Same as aids scare

    So, I understand that my argument isn't exactly too valid in that the diseases are quite different, but I just feel that much like HIV/Aids in the early 90s in the States, we just don't know a lot about the disease and are making snap judgements. Watch Philidelphia. Same thing, just two decades later.

  • No, the media is not making too much of the Ebola scare

    The media may be a bit dramatic in their reporting of the Ebola crisis, but the actual message is not being exaggerated. It's easy to think that Ebola is far away from our shores, but it isn't and we need to be aware of the epidemic and think about how we would handle it.

  • Ebola has been underestimated

    Because Ebola isn't very infectious compared to other diseases, people tend to respond without alarm or seriousness when the topic is brought up. However, just because it isn't the most infectious, doesn't mean it won't spread. If we aren't carefully, this turn into a bio hazardous disaster that can end up infecting millions

  • Ebola needs to be taken seriously

    Here in the 1st world, any slight show of 3rd world deadly disease needs to be taken seriously. In a country such as the U.S. that is outfitted with the means to take care of Ebola before it gets out of hand, making cases a high priority is a big deal.

  • media Ebola scare

    No I definitely do not think that the media is making too much of the Ebola scare. People need to be warned and be aware of this dangerous and very deadly illness. Far too many people have already perished from this earth from this disease and every life is important.

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