• Fox News alienated!

    At this point Fox News is one of the few major news reporters that is on the right. Nearly every other major news network is completely on the left alienating Republican ideas completely and that there is no way that they can be correct. It makes so many people now believe that Republican ideas and Fox News are just stupid when you could easily say the same about the other side!

  • The manipulating media

    I feel like the media is only telling people what they want you to hear. If Trump does something good, the left wing media will not talk about it. If he does something bad, they exploit it to the max. If Obama did something good the media couldn’t stop talking about it, if Obama did something bad the left wing media would cover it up with other stories. I feel like the left wing media is trying to manipulate people to believe in what they believe in order to get you to vote for more Democrats.

  • I lean liberal, but not regressive

    In all honesty if you are aware of the SJW (social justice warrior) shit, you know that there is a definite point where liberalism becomes regressive i'm relatively liberal socially with an exception to guns. However i'm willing to die for a persons right to speak their opinion even if that opinion hurts others feelings. Or offends or whatever. Crying over this #blacklivesmatter and, "3rd wave FEMinism" shit is simply disgusting. These people will do full news stories that bash the accused without any nuance or research into the events that were incurred. I really do hate this "my feelings matter" bullshit. There are lines that need to be drawn, and more nuance needs to achieved.

  • Absolutely it has

    Apart from fox news, there really isnt any major news outlet thats moderate to conservative at all. Msnbc, CNN, the huffington post, the list goes on and on of left wing news outlets that consistently put out false and twisted articles that try to slander there conservative opponents and refusing to report on the many horrible things that happen on the left. If they reported a quarter of the stuff that Obama, Reid or any of the high liberal politicians they would lose tone of support. Its hilarious how the left is so brainwashed to think that fox news is bs and all those left wing news outlets are truthful. But you cant help those who dont want it i guess

  • Pretty much yeah.

    While I agree that Fox is a biased group (for the right) they are still pretty straight on most of their news. Just in case people want to use the "misinformed viewers" studies I'm pretty sure I can debunk the Public Mind study and many other studies were actually debunked by politifact. Now as for the rest of the media, I would say TV news, Movies, most popular music, and some of radio are mostly left leaning, examples being

    Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart
    CNN to various degrees
    NPR and quite a few others

    So overall yes I'd say there's a Liberal media out there that is biased for the left.

  • Not at all. A majority of the nation is still "conservative"

    There was an NPR News study done in the Bush era that tried to measure media bias. From a scale of 1 to 100, 1 being conservative and 100 being liberal. I don't have the exact stats in front of me, but it was something like this:

    MSNBC: 70
    NBC: 60
    ABC, CNN: 50
    FOX: 30

    That by itself shows the media is not overly biased. In addition, the study was done when Republican Bush Jr. Was president and his administration was involved in some sort of scandal, so the measurement could have been a little off.

    What I also think, is that conservatives have a higher tendency to be paranoid than liberals simply due to their ideology (not necessarily bad). Just think gun nut vs pot head (no offense to either side).

  • No it has not.

    Media has not shifted too far to the left. The only people who think it has would be the far right winged people, and the ones who think it needs to be more left would be the far left winged people. This argument will always exist as long as there are people on both sides of the political platform.

  • No, it is Not

    No, the media is not shifted to the left. There is no such things as the "Liberal Media," by and large. Sure there are left leaning outlets, and there are right leaning outlets, but the media is largely corporate owned and they further their own corporate agenda, not a political agenda, unless it fits their personal goals.

  • Of course not

    When I turn on my news channel it's perfectly in the middle so I guess maybe some televisions are being weird and putting the channels more on the left side of the screen but I don't know I guess it just matters what tv you have like I have a really new one so maybe they should get new ones

  • Its just now speaking on how things actually are

    I've noticed less and less distortion in the middle ground news coverage stations and really its just their is a lot of pressing issues where Republicans are just being absurd and not being reasonable reasonable whatsoever. I was a Republican until they started distorting everything from facts to things that are out of our control. The news was so far to the right that even though it's shifted left its reaching an equilibrium

  • No, the Media has not Shifted Too Far to the Left.

    In fact, I would say that it is still pretty far right leaning. I think the right wingers that say this are guilty of two main fallacies. One, they forget that conservative talk radio still dominates the AM dial, even though it is often a leach on the station's profits. Second, they have moved so far to the right that they see anything in the center (NPR, PBS, etc) as left leaning.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T08:03:07.787
The shifted bias depends on the network and commentator. The most complete way to get an objective picture of the REAL SUBSTANTATIVE NEWS and move away from opinions is to curate stories from a nimber of sources and determine where they overlap, much like a Venn diagram. It gets to the true heart of what really matters.