• They be stealin my bread

    Ok so i had 2 loaves of bread and they just disappeared so the only logical reason is that the media stole my food since i live by myself unless a homeless man got in but why would a homeless man come in my house for bread he would just stay there. So that means the media took it.

  • The media stole our food.

    One morning I had some reallly nice pancakes for breakfast. As any other person would do, I decided to post a pic of my delicious morning cakes on my Instagram. When I look up from my phone, My food is gone. The only logical conclusion I could come to is that the media stole my food.

  • Yes it is

    The media is putting pressure on people, Especially teenagers, To look their best, Be skinny and have this perfect life. We are exposed to so many different negative views of our appearance that it is damaging the mental health of young people. This needs to stop before it gets too out of hand.

  • No, Instead the media is having the public (especially those in US) believe certain foods are healthy then they actually aren't.

    Not really. Instead the media has had made stories of certain foods as healthy when in reality they really aren't. Many of these studies are funded by things with close ties to the study/type of food such as something about cheese by the dairy industry or about certain ingredients in foods such as artificial colours by the big food companies, Etc.

  • You are lesbian nigga

    I hate black niggers and my food is NOT being stolen by my ipad mini 2 2014 version. SO that means no media is taking food from me its funny you guys think think the media took my meatballs it was my dumb cat who is throwing up right now because I fed it chocolate and instead of helping it i'm writing this post.

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