• Yes, specifically the news media.

    The media shares in some of the responsibility when it comes to school shootings and other mass gun massacres. I do not mean video games or movies though. I mean how the news reports on these kinds of events. They splash the shooters' names and pictures everywhere, creating a sort of hero or anti-hero persona. This clearly creates an impression on would-be killers and influences them to pursue later killings.

  • Its only gets part of the blame.

    Every wrong thing in the world is blown out of proportions by the media, and we just eat it up. So if a teen is being bullied day in and day out at school, then watching shows about killing one another, only shows him a way to remove his bullying problems. But at the same time, so many things has to go wrong for a gun massacre to happen. A person needs something messed up in his mind, a situation where he can't see a way out, a desperation to rid of his problems, the media showing him a way, access to weapons. etc...So many things has to go wrong, that the media can't be solely the blame here.

  • Yes, I believe the media is to blame for gun massacres.

    The media only primarily reports on things that go bad in this country and elevates the murderers to an almost celebrity-like status. I believe that one of the reasons that the individuals who commit these heinous crimes is because they want attention. Unfortunately they turn to violence because they know that they will be seen. I believe that if we want to see change in this country then we need to change our focus toward less violent entertainment.

  • NO

    These people that go on these shooting rampages are too crazed in the head to know much of anything. I know the argument has been put forth that the media glorifies the killers, and this causes others to go on massacres so their lives will have meaning and they'll be remembered.

    Well, this would be a good argument if most of the people doing these massacres were sociopaths. To me, though, it stands to reason that a sociopath that wanted to live in infamy wouldn't kill themselves. It seems to me that a sociopath that wanted to be remembered would make sure that he lived long enough to revel in his perverted glory.

    To me, it makes more sense that these killers are just folks who, for whatever reason, snap one day.

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