Is the method of hanging someone a good form of execution?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • Hanging actually can be one of the quickest and most painless forms of execution.

    Execution should be as painless, and as quick as possible, and proper hanging fufills both these requirements. This is referring to the long drop form of hanging, which is the type of hanging used to kill Saddam Hussein. After a trap door opens, the person falls long enough to have their neck break, and lose consciousness.

  • No no no

    Hanging is supposed to be a quick and painless method of execution; ideally the individual's neck snaps when the rope goes taut and this results in instant unconsciousness and instant or near instant death. The problem is that things almost never go this way. Typically, when someone is hanged the cause of death is strangulation: the rope sprains the neck but it does not break it. The person is aware and struggling if they are not bound too tightly to. If the drop is too far, another problem with hanging is that it can decapitate or partially decapitate a person. Not something I would call "humane".

  • Hanging is outdated.

    The method of hanging someone is an outdated, disturbing, and cruel way of execution. There is a reason why it is no longer used today. We have better and improved methods of execution now that arent so disturbing. I do not support the method of hanging no matter how quick it is.

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